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Good but .....

soura1993 | Feb. 23, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

Do You love the Batman story as much as I do ??? If you love the story and the characters then play Batman Arkham Origin !!! But if you are expecting new style gameplay (something new) .. then I am afraid You will not get anything new !!! Well they introduced new characters , new gadgets(new ??? I don't Think so) ,,, free flow combat ,,, but there are many flaws !!! All they need was a link which could bind the story but.........Well that's enough for negatives... now the positives .... the characters ...Deathstroke ,,, I would love it if they used that character more.... Troy Baker as joker ??? Mind blowing !!!! The boss fights are awesome !!! At last I am gonna say .. dont care about the reviews.. they are personal opinions ... Play the game and you will find out which is good and which is bad !!!!


A story that transcends reality ....

soura1993 | Feb. 22, 2014 | Review of Dear Esther Steam - PC

This game will take the explorer to another planet ... well according to me it's not a game ... it's not the traditional "shoot and run" .... but a story ... which is far beyond of our expectations !!!! Here the only equipment is a torch ... You will explore the lonely but large island and the only living person is you .. u will trust only the sound of the wind and the sea and the fragments of memory ... the characters "Esther" , "Donnelly" ..their true story will get blurred as the story progresses... And the amazing music and and the Environment,the sea ,the hills,the lighthouse ...will blow your mind.... This is another way of storytelling, a must play game !!!!!