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More of a story than a game, but boy is it good!

spacebug | Jan. 30, 2012 | Review of To The Moon - PC

I was sceptical when I begun. The primitive graphics reminded me of old Pokemon games. But the beautiful soundtrack and compelling story soon drew me into the game and had me wanting to know what happened next (or previously, as you're going through someone's life story in reverse order). It's very much a game where the majority of it is watching a story unfold. There are little puzzles between sections. You do have to walk around the place and look for things. But mostly it's about being told a story. I almost think that being compared to a DVD or a novel would be more appropriate than a game. The interactiveness makes it more interesting, but it will always be the same story. And it's a very VERY good story! I like that many of the elements are not spelled out to the audience. You have to work out some things for yourself. I finished playing it and wanted to play it again straight away!