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Great for a newcomer to the series!

spambrie | Nov. 3, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

Batman Arkham Origins is the third in the series of Arkam games and I must confess that I have not once ever played them until now. Jumping into the game I think that the combat is very flowing and simple but you can spice it up a bit with Batman's gadgets. I am only about 6 hours into the came and have been really frustrated by a few moments. The first one is during the "Boss battle with **SPOILER** DeathStroke. I found the battle to be tedious and boring with the only way to defeat him to just counter,hit,hit counter,hit,hit for about five minutes. There are also some game breaking bugs that are not fixed, for example I was flying through the city exploring and suddenly flew up came back down and fell through the world forcing me to resort to an older save I had backed up. Overall great game and I highly recommend picking it up if you have never played the series before, but you may find it highly similar to the previous two titles if you have . Be prepared to encounter some bugs and try to backup your save!