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Payday 2 is everything Payday: The Heist should have been.

spartan1down | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

Huge improvement over Pay Day: The Heist (original game), in every way. Better gun play, better graphics and visuals, more responsive controls like better aiming and sensitivity, and the heists feel more like heists that are also fun yet challenging. Robbing a jewelry store or bank couldn't be more fun and intense all at the same time. I highly recommend picking up the 4-pack to go along with 3 other friends, or just buy it because one of your friends probably already own the game. There are weapon and equipment unlocks, unlock masks and customize them, primary and secondary gun customization, armor, gadgets, and a big skill tree to compliment the four different classes in Payday 2. The customization and skill system are robust and it has a lot of depth. You really get a sense that you are your character class, and if you find one that you prefer to play, you will most likely take the time to invest wholly into it. I have been playing the "Enforcer" class and if you analyze and study your skill tree, it really encourages you to play as your character class and perform your character role. Take for example, the enforcer can provide ammo, deal more damage as well as take less damage in big gun fights against multiple enemies, faster armor recovery, and more damage with close quarter guns like a shotgun. These are just few examples of how you could play. So as an enforcer, I embody the role of a "juggernaut" type of character. I provide cover fire, and heavy fire, subdue enemies with a stronger melee attack to heavy body armor reinforcements. While a class like Ghost which is stealth cannot do any of those things, but he will compliment the team with his own skill sets. Two words: Dynamic Maps. This is the single, most important aspect of Payday 2 that makes it an exceptional game. Every heist is different from the one before, making you plan a new strategy for every encounter. Each "Heist" has several "Days." So for each heist, you could be playing up to Day 7 and get seven different scenarios and locations. For every heist, the security guards won't be standing and patrolling the same route, security cameras may or may not be in the exact location it was the last time you played it. Civilians are also randomly generated. Waves of enemies won't be the same every time. This provides a fresh experience every time you play. Imagine if everything was placed at the same exact location every time? Wouldn't that be boring and predictable? This is the reason why more games like this should have dynamic maps. Payday 2, unlike some co-op games encourages team play and communication. A very hard or overkill difficulty heist will push your limits as a team, causing awkward, funny, intense, exciting moments that pushes you to hone your skill-set with the class you are playing. The game really pushes you to evaluate what you did wrong and come back and do a better heist job the next time. I could picture myself playing this game for a very long time. Playing it with a group of good friends will really stretch the life of Payday 2, at the same time, making it a more enjoyable experience ten-fold. Although, playing it with random players on the server was for the most part has been a pleasant experience. The new and veteran players on Payday 2 aren't elitists like the players I came across in Pay Day: The Heist. The community is much better. Aside from the dynamic mapping, a feature that I found to refreshing and addictive was the card system. After you complete certain "Day #" heist, you are rewarded experience points, cash, and more knowledge of how to pull off better heists through making errors. It also rewards you with unlocks by randomly selecting one of three cards. When a random card was generated, you will either get an unlock for a weapon mod, mask, mask material, color, or pattern, cash, and other goodies. What that did was unlock the item and make it available for you to purchase. So you could imagine, it gives you a sense of reward, but you also then have to earn your way to unlock the items instead of tossing everything your way. It will really give the game longevity, instead of a game with an unlock progression system that could be easily completed in a few days. I wasn't a fan of Payday: The Heist 1, but I was completely sold on Payday 2 during the beta that I went out and bought the game on day one. I hope you do too or else the Enforcer will come out to get you!