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Let's rock!

spectatorx | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend

This game is crazy! And that's why you have to play it.

Conception of it is really crazy, a lot of hack and slashing, some platforming, lots of humor, insane boss fights, hilarious game.

Visually engine is not the greatest but in this game graphics are not the most important part, the most important part of this game is audio and music! Hell yeah! Music is just epic! Brilliant rock and metal songs which will blow your mind.

One of the most interesting things about game is this game is not only for windows but only works under linux and this is great working on linux game. Has multichannel audio support, multidisplay support. By activating game on steam you are getting windows and linux version as well.


Playable benchmark

spectatorx | Aug. 20, 2013 | Review of Crysis

When crysis came out all gamers had jaws dropped to floor. They reacted like this because of how wonderful the game looks like and because of hardware requirements. Crysis has amazing graphics which are impressing people even today. Shooting is only addition to interesting world in which you can break almost anything, pick up almost anything and do whatever you want. It is open world game, in some locations you can swim around all enemies and avoid shooting them out. Physics in game are incredible and to this day are still impressive, it is awesome to set up few barrels and blow them up and watch how amazing things are going on on screen :D

Game has solid gameplay, interesting open world, amazing sound and graphics. The only problem may be requirements which are pretty high even now. Game was released in 2007 but still there is not so much hardware that could run it in full detail in 1080p with 60fps. If you want to play it in such resolution and framerate go minimum with core i5/phenom II x4, radeon hd78xx/geforce 660 and 4GB of ram. Crysis has x64 executables so it will benefit from every GB of ram.

Crysis is game which every gamer has to play so definitely it is must buy if you love FPS games and somehow didn't play crysis yet.


As good as armagedon was

spectatorx | Aug. 19, 2013 | Review of Worms Reloaded: Game of the Year Edition

I've spent a lots of time playing worms armageddon, tried to play all various 3d versions of worms but i wasn't pleased with them. I gave up on series and with caution tried reloaded and... that was almost shocking! 2d gameplay as in old game. Variety of weapons, new locations, new behaviors of weapons, more advanced physics, all of these are positive. Worms are fun, smart, crazy, cruel, full of dark humor. Twisted strategy with fun, that game is good for older players as also for younger to improve their planning skills.

Worms reloaded is a very good fun but also requires and trains your strategy skills. Perfect game for whole family.


Expected bad game and found out one of my favourite games!

spectatorx | Aug. 18, 2013 | Review of Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year

When i've heard the game is going to be released i said to myself "no, pls, probably another poor game about famous superhero and created with unreal engine 3". Fortunately only one part of this appeared to be true: game is on unreal engine 3. Batman is perfect fighter, can stun many enemies within just few seconds. Fights are simple and fluent. Asylum is big facility with many secrets to find out. Batman gadgets are useful in roaming and fighting. Interesting and twisted plot including many famous characters such as Joker, Scarecrow, Bain and many more. Also there is a lot of side stuff to do like Riddler's riddles. Arkham Asylum is gonna suck you for long time and give you a lot of fun by playing it. Definitely game adaptation of batman franchise is one of my favorite games overall.


Tutorial how to become sexy badass

spectatorx | Aug. 17, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider

  1. Take your friends and go for a trip into dangerous island
  2. Crash your vehicle on the island
  3. Try to free your friends and runaway with them from island.

These three steps turned Lara from quiet nerd into badass killing people with cold blood. I was afraid new Tomb Raider which is so-called reboot will be disaster like many similar attempts but no, new Lara turned out to be one of the best games of year 2013 and made her mark in history. Interesting story mixed of real things and paranormal, showing emotions of characters, changing atmosphere between them all. Game has pretty nice graphics, incredible gameplay, i love bow and prefer it over firearms, sound is awesome, i loved to play the game with my 5.1 setup. TressFX is demanding thing but works on nvidia and amd gpus as well and hair effects are really worth to see. Visiting temples is nice, it requires the same thinking as sleight.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the best games of this year which you, as a gamer, have to try out and taste a bit of slaughter on abandoned island.


Oldschool FPS in era of MMS

spectatorx | Aug. 16, 2013 | Review of Hard Reset

Secrets, variety of enemies, futuristic and mindblowing locations, unique weapons... that's why i love FPS genre. Since the youngest years of my life i was playing games like quake, unreal tournament and these are games to which i always compare fps, i'm looking for their successors. Console gaming, MMS games broke my favorite genre of games but here it is, polish studio: Flying Wild Hog appeared from nowhere, without big commercial campaign they released their first game: Hard Reset and i have to tell about this only one thing: I LOVE IT!!!

Game is difficult, enemies are rushing onto you in hordes, you have to use your weapons to fight them all, exploit weaknesses and pros of weapons and locations to beat all these crazy enemies in front, behind, over and under you.

I love the support which flying wild hog gave to this game. They released few DLCs for this game and all of them were free, like things used to be in old good times. Also they were releasing a lot of updates for pretty long time and updates improved the game even more than it was on launch.

In short: Hard Reset is decent FPS in times of indecent "fps games". You have to buy it.


Awesome package!

spectatorx | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Complete GTA Bundle

Incredible bundle of (so far) all games of this crazy series. Bundle is described as containing "only" gta III and later games but when i did put my key into steam activation in my library were added all gta games: 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice City, San Andreas, episodes from Liberty City. This makes bundle even more interesting than it is described to be. What about games themselves? Do i really have to say anything about them? Every gamer know them very well and is aware of what is going to buy. Beginning gamers, be aware! You are going to buy one of the most entertaining, one of the most crazy games, one of the most cruel games and with awesome stories. Open world, crazy possibilities of things to do in game beside missions.

Also game is moddable in almost infinite way. Community support is incredible, with mods you can change anything from graphics, cars to every single detail in game. One of biggest strengths of not only single game but whole series. By myself i've spent a lot of time on modding gta vice city, that was so fun to me. I've loved to edit files, variables and test how it will change world in game.

Concluding: do not hesitate any moment and buy this bundle in this moment! Do this right now!


Interesting exception

spectatorx | June 21, 2013 | Review of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

MMS, MMS, MMS... no, i do not mean mobile messages with pics and sounds i mean Modern Military Shooters, they are dominating gaming industry since few years and personally i'm done with them, bored with them and when i see another MMS coming soon i do not even want to watch its trailer, not even thinking about playing. Polish studio Techland decided to create something else, something fresh and they did it very well. Game has interesting story, is prequel to first Call of Juarez game, telling what happened between brothers and why became this what they are. Wonderful landscapes, semi-open world, variety of enemies and locations... and what is the most characteristic for this game: duels. Sharp eye, timing, precision on these depends your win or terrible failure. Definitely worth to play.


Playable fairytale

spectatorx | June 21, 2013 | Review of Trine

Trine is one of these games with unique concepts and proper execution of them. No, i'm wrong, there is not many games like this, usually if game has good concepts it is executed at least acceptable, Trine is wonderful exception - it is unique game and executed very, very well. Close to perfection. Three heroes, every hero with other skills and abilities, i like it. It is needed to figure out how to use them to pass the way through which sometimes is not as easy as you might imagine. The game has an interesting sorry, wonderful narration and humorous dialogs between our three heroes. You definitely will fall in love with this charming game.


Freerunning and avoiding shooting

spectatorx | June 20, 2013 | Review of Mirror's Edge (EU)

Mirror's Edge, when this came out and i tried it for the very first time i was speechless. Amazing artstyle combined with unique gameplay, specific futuristic world and incredible ambient music.

The thing which make this game so unique is gameplay and camera. You are running through various locations, looking for best path, you are facing enemies and the best way to complete the game is to avoid killing them. Yes, you can grab their weapons and shoot them all out but it is not as fun as trying to knock them all down without killing them. Game can be completed without killing at all, it is more difficult and very, very satisfying. Game is about running, you feel the speed very much, because of first person camera.

Because of used palette of colors some people may get temporal headaches, eye-aches, etc. But it should disappear after few short sessions with the game. So, if you are having any discomfort while playing the game play it in the beginning in 20-30 minutes sessions.

One of the best games i have ever played. Mirror's Edge is an experience which you should face.


Return to classics in new release

spectatorx | June 20, 2013 | Review of Might & Magic Heroes VI Complete Edition

New heroes game i like as much as i liked heroes 3 which is one of my favorite games ever. Current promotion which let's you buy complete edition of game for very small amount of money is just insane xD You are getting basic game in bundle with all available add-ons. Heroes 6 is perfect combination of best things from heroes 3 and 5. Many gamers are saying 6 is full of bugs, some way they are right but ubisoft released a lot of patches which fixed a lot and added a lot of features and content. Usually i'm not saying this about ubisoft games but the game is worth to buy.