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Alive and emotional art form

spr1n | May 14, 2014 | Review of To The Moon - PC

Its barely a game, its a piece of art. It starts slow, but it gets progressively better having a peak at the very end. Level of emotional involvement is just incredible that almost no AAA titles have and guarantee you great experience, just with a bit simple and lacking gameplay, but amazing story to put you through. Couple doctors arrive to grant dying man last wish - "To the Moon". How hard can it be to go through old man's memories, alternate his past and dreams for young qualified doctors, to ensure his adjusted dream-life brings him to the moon before he dies? Apparently dying man doesn't know why he wants go to the moon at the first place, he just does. Doctors are going to discover that its not about him, its about people he loves and cares; its about his only dream he worked for his whole life; its about connection between all those things. Would one dream destroy another one and all he lived for? Would it make him miserable, make him find something new, both or something else? Is there time to make it work? This game is so alive and tense it almost made me cry. I witnessed beautiful dreams, lives, endings, losses, achievements and success altogether, leading man to his dream, To the Moon and everything beyond it.


This is one of the greatest games with genius story telling.

spr1n | Feb. 28, 2014 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

The game has beautiful design and unique gameplay mechanics - controlling two characters at the same time in order to solve puzzles and progress further. Storyline is just brilliant. Even the game is short, you get to experience so much in this adventure on every step, and it gets more and more emotional toward the end. Not many games in history achieved such level of involvement. The only bad thing is that its gameplay extremely easy to the degree it is often boring or just non-existent. It is ridiculously linear, you have just one narrow route (or a couple parallel ones) and you can't leave it or fall of a cliff, even characters jump over a pit on your way automatically when you approach it. Despite quite innovative control mechanics and occasional interesting puzzles, you still don't get anything challenging to solve with reasonable amount of effort, everything is pretty much obvious right away. All that almost excludes failure state of the game in practice, even my first death was way past the middle of play through. To sum it up - it is a great experience you should not miss if you like games like that, or just want to experience what the game offers. Just don't expect much out of an actual gameplay and ignore linearity - you will be able to appreciate the game to the fullest.