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“I left the gang after the gang left me.”

squirrel6314 | Aug. 5, 2013 | Review of Red Dead Redemption - Xbox 360

+ The story +The depth of the gameplay and its mechanics. + Snappy writing which is both funny, heart-warming, genius, frightening, wacky and witty. + The characters + All of the little details in the game + The animations + The reactions of the dead rag dolls. + The huge open world + So much to do. - This is the bloodiest tale of redemption ever. - Sometimes walking can be annoying and repeatedly tapping “A” or “X” to sprint… really? - The looting animation is unskipable and after 10 views of it, you are sick of it. There are few games I’d class as “Perfect” Doom II I’d say is perfect because of its “No Bullsh*t approach, it just does what it does.” Space Invaders because it is just simple fun, Star Wars Battlefront 2, because it eats up 3 years of your life and rewards you with simple perfection, Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, because no game can have that great of a story without you feeling something, and Red Dead Redemption, because it’s a game everyone must have. It’s astounding how much is in this game, bounties to collect, people to meet, kill and befriend, flowers to collect, weapons to buy, animals to hunt and skin and sell, challenges to complete, tears to be cried at the end of the story. If you pay £10, £20, maybe even £50; you will know that the money was well spent and how a month of your life will have disappeared. As I have said, the gameplay in this is stellar. I personally think the gameplay in this is better than any GTA game because enemies aren’t bullet sponges, a bullet to the head kills, a bullet to the knee wounds and makes the guy limp. It’s clear the enemies don’t necessarily have a hit points bar for their health, but it’s more of a skeletal structure. It’ll make sense when you actually begin to shoot at some people. The mechanics of the game are refined to a point of perfect. It’s just how everything works together in unison so gracefully, the economy, hunting, gang raids, travel, gambling, saving people from random encounters, duelling, player interaction and so on, there is even a button for saying hello to people as you walk down the dusty road and people will tip their hats and say hello back… why is this not in more games? It’s a dream game for people who focus on mechanics. You will want to travel, it’s a fact, you are open to the world instantly, but I recommend waiting till you get a rifle before heading into gang territory. Each zone of the map blends together so flawlessly; from civilised towns to the uncivilised wilderness. It is also so weird and kind of amusing to see animals hunt each other, granted it is only some animals and in certain zones, but it’s amusing to see. Something which I find a weird issue, sometimes walking is a little weird, it doesn’t feel as responsive. There are moments when you feel you have wheels on the bottom of your feet, sometimes it’s impossible to walk forwards and make a sharp left without the player making some sort of long cornering move, and it’s so odd. Though, I think I know why, it’s because of the animation and skeletal structure that the characters have. When someone dies, they don’t play one of 10 death animations, they flop, and based on speed, their weight, what killed them, and if there are any obstructions along the way, that is how they die, in a harrowing way, like how you would if you died. All of those variables are calculated without slowing the game down and it’s something to be amazed about and something only Rockstar can do. It will take years for other developers to make random deaths the way Rockstar can. There is also another issue, now this is a trivial one but it is still an issue with me. To sprint you have to tap A or X repeatedly. Holding A or X puts the player into a jog and not touching it at all puts the player into a walk. My word is it annoying. I thought we figured this out for consoles, push the stick halfway to put the player into a walk, all the way for a jog or run and if you want to sprint then you can combine it to another button. But having to repeatedly mash A or X, even on horseback is a tedious task. I hope you don’t suffer with RSI. The story is something which is surprising too, it’s a redemption tale which isn’t cliché, boring and “I know how this is going to end” it throws you about and yes, there are moments when you go from killing to herding cattle, but that’s all done in the progression of the story. It also deals with mature features as well, maybe not as extreme as some games, it is very mature and for people to fully understand the whole thing you will have to be mature about it. Though, and this is a negative I put down above, for a tale about redemption, you will kill a hell of a lot of people. Not just people randomly like how you drive on the road in GTA, but in the story, you will kill loads of people; I personally found it a fault in the game because it’s one of the bloodiest tales of redemption I’ve ever known. It’s full of characters which have got great personalities whether you like them or not, every character is fantastically portrayed with accents nailed to a T. Ehm, Mr Nigel West Dickens. These characters will throw out witty lines of dialogue and I personally think that this is Mr Houser, Unsworth and Mrs Cantamessa’s best work. The script is brilliant, dialogue is logical to the situation and words are set to the time of the story. The story is so weighty I haven’t really touched on it; I’ll just say it’s cinematic in a damn good way, and the gameplay is just the icing on the gorgeous cake. The amounts of faults in this game are proportionate to my feelings, I for one think you kill far too many people, others disagree and some agree, I don’t like tapping the A or X button to sprint and some find it fine. So take my complaints with a pinch of salt. But take the positives with whatever food source that you love. It is a technical masterpiece and because its Rockstar, this is in a way a prototype for GTA V. everything Rockstar do is leading to their next GTA game. Rockstar with its story and mechanics, Midnight club with its car handling, Max Payne with its gameplay, and bully with the mini games; oh those ingenious beautiful bastards. Buy this game, love this game, play this game once a year, love this game. Review complete.


Funny isn't it...

squirrel6314 | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

... That is something you wouldn't usually hear when someone is reviewing Spec ops the Line. "Funny isn't it." the reason why I say this is because of the sheer depth and bravery that this game has, especially in this day and age of Military shooters. I'm not someone who likes Military shooters, but there is something brave about this game. It has a story and characters that you will care about. And you will feel horrible at a certain part of the game. You will know the scene when you get to it. Ok let’s cut this short, the gameplay is not that great. It’s horrible generic and slightly crappy in terms of controls and shooting feel. Thankfully this is a frame for its story and characters. There are three characters you are lumbered with, you, and your two AI team members. The two team start of as dicks but then you will feel a little worried about them at the end. Now, the story. It is deep and complex. it talks about morality and how soldiers die while at war and the weight of their deaths and how you are destroy innocent lives in the process and how no one is the good guy and how we are all bad guys and how you will stand up, pause the game and walk away ad return in 10 minuets time to carry on. yes there are a few scenes which are just so... shall we say unique to games that will make you feel a tad sick and it's all f**king wonderful. the fact that this is a military shooter and it has a story and characters which you care about and you will feel like a dick for killing people, maybe that’s because you aren't killing brown people more of white people... I'll just leave it there. Spec ops is great but it's a game you can only play once a year, play it on Christmas, feel sour on that day, cry live the next year play it on Christmas, feel sour, cry repeat. The only bad thing about the game is the gameplay, something which might feel like a big hindrance but it's not, it's just not on par with the games story.