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Last action hero :)

srukor | April 18, 2011 | Review of Heroes of Might and Magic V - PC

Finally, it is! One of the most anticipated titles for 2006. The story in HoMM always been one of the pillars of good fun and an additional link with a series of Might and Magic. This time we will lead the six different fractions by six different campaigns, in order to discover and thwart (?) plan for the Demon Lords, which wants to bring Dark Messiah - a half-demon, half human. It's obvious that we are dealing with the prelude to the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. During the campaign, we will have to perform major and minor tasks. The first campaign is an extensive tutorial, which introduces us to the secrets of the game. But the whole campaign to the tutorial is probably a bad idea. All you'll need to enjoy the game, information is obtained during the first three missions (campaign consists of five), and yet the difficulty level does not rise and we still have to deal with a large tutorial on `em. In the second campaign, we are immediately thrown into the deep end and level of difficulty increases significantly. After graduation of difficulty is from mission to mission: each next is more difficult than the previous one, although there are trivial maps and tasks upon them, like the two missions 'Archipelago'. It should be noted that most of the scenarios for one player tells a storywith the the world HoMMV , which further develops the story of the game by showing the player to other interesting events . Music and sound binding is undeniable advantage. We get 30 missions in campaign mode, 6 to the games single player and 10 multiplayer maps. The creators chose the best elements of the third and fourth parts of the saga, and then added to all of this three-dimensional graphics. The effect is stunning and worth the savings issue. + creating the heroes + story + graphics + sound + multiplayer


Some Fallout some Jagged Alliance?

srukor | April 14, 2011 | Review of Planet Alcatraz - PC

Planet Alcatraz is a cRPG non-linear adventure, which action take place in a prison planet called Alcatraz. Whole fights are in the real-time mode, which is a little disadvantage, because when it was in parted on the turns it will reminds a Fallout series. That’s a pitty. In PA you will take command in a team with isometric view. As it was mentioned action take place in a Alcatraz where the most dangerous prisoners have life imprisonment. Our main hero is a saboteur and in first missions he has to work on his own, but meanwhile progression to his group joins another criminalists. And of course the main task is to escape the planet in the end, which is very difficult. In the game we have to decide on our own how the solutions of fights, conflicts, even a behavior of our hero which is a advantage of the game.. Before the game started we create our hero and we choose how many points we spend on each abilities and create appearance and even facial expression! We have a lot of freedom with a complex system of dialogues (quite similar as Bioware games) to convince people to our side by arguments we have or by physical strength. Whole fights are in real-time mode and we exterminate various of monsters (80 original monsters, including flying and poisonous) by the lots of white weapon and fire weapon. Cinematic trailers which cuts from time to time are competently interlaced with the story line and they are very good and makes up a background atmosphere. It’s a shame that we can not play the cooperative mode neither nor multiplayer. :-( But the game deserves to be taken into consideration!


Fairy tale even for adults!:)

srukor | April 14, 2011 | Review of Trine - PC

Trine belongs to a class of games of skill enriched with a number of logic elements, where the action was set in the real world of fantasy. You can play as: a mage, a thief or a warrior. The player has the task of saving the world from the risk which is the army of the undead, in the extermination of restoring order and will serve a mysterious artifact - the title Trine. The game is a classic platformer, which also implemented modern solutions. The player must have the capacity of big reflex and dexterity. The whole game is simply based on jumping the platforms, avoid the pitfalls of the pledged or solve many puzzles witch a bunch of enemies here and there. As it was mentioned before, the gameplay is determined by the choice of the 3 heroes and their different abilities. The thief is extremely agile, allowing it to attack by a surprise and overcome barriers without any problem. The magician with magical powers can produce items needed to solve puzzles or to override the barriers. Warrior, in turn, has great strength, so that enemies are not scary to him. Trine has been equipped with an advanced physics system, allowing for nearly every item we found to make use or use it to create another things. So that this game is thought provoking and force player to creative thinking. Whole game has pretty graphic, which is very colorful and magic… Recommended!



srukor | April 13, 2011 | Review of Heroes Over Europe - PC

Hoe is the successor of Blazing Angels and Heroes of the Pacific. His hero is an American whose father fought during the First World War. When Nazi Germany attacked Britain, pretending to be Canadian, and flies straight to the front and ends in Berlin, along the way fight over London, the Channel Tunnel, or the Ardennes. The hallmark of the game is very arcade flight model, and sky-adaptation of bullet time, which is very helpful in battle. It’s starts when close up to the German plane, the bar starts to fill the slow time. This works by activating an aircraft auto-pilot, and we have only a direct our crosshair on the highlighted engines or the crew members and shoot them up. This is called Ace Kill. The most disadvantage of the Heroes Over Europe is that the game ignoring the laws of physics – which makes for example, there is no problem of overloading. Another consequence can be seen when in flight collision with another machine. We do not have to repair the aircraft cause it has an energy which is renewed, so you are rarely killed, and the repetition of mission often is associated with not fit in the time limit to complete the task than the explosion of the aircraft. Whole game saves the graphics (not only the aircraft, but also the environment, especially the sky) and some interesting missions. In one for instance, you need to fly through the streets of Berlin at the specially height of the roofs, because when you get higher the aircraft defenses will shot you out. In another we have to shoot down the bombers that have betrayed us as well as torpedoes and naval bombardment of German aircraft, still standing on the runway or in the hangars. Noteworthy is the fact that the city, over which the fighting was taking place (for example, London or Berlin) are very carefully – realistic placed to the game world.


Fell like assassin!

srukor | April 13, 2011 | Review of Assassins Creed - PC

The game's story takes us into the times of the Third Crusade, the Holy Land historically mapped in places like Acre, Damascus and Jerusalem. You play the character named Altair, a member of a mysterious sect of the Assassins, assassins prevailing in the Middle East. Your goal is to eliminate nine leaders, both Christian and Saracen, advocating the conflict associated with the crusade. Method and route of the task depends only and exclusively on the player, which is the most benefit of the whole game, no press from the developers in which way you want to assassin someone. Our hero seems to be most flexible figure in the history of video games. With the big freedom of movement easily climbs on each building, jumps easily from one rooftop to another, and very handy with his sword. Animations and the fights are very spectacularly realized here, beautiful graphics and overall performance is breathtaking! What to want more? I also recommended the newest adventures called Brotherhood which are the best in trilogy…but you have to start with the beginning…


Uplink: Mess with the best, die like the rest!

srukor | April 13, 2011 | Review of Uplink - PC

HACKER HOLLYWOOD If you watched any movie that contains scenes of an American hacking into computers, you probably remember all those colored boxes, graphs, logs of scrolling speeds up the absurd, wonderful programs to crack passwords ... A Uplink is, in a shorter way, Hollywood hacker's simulator. In the beginning, you are getting started as a newly employed by the agency Uplink noob - You hired a computer and a few simple programs. The game looks like a futuristic Windows, with simple sounds and with playing in background electronic music. Good advantage is that, we can modify the interface skins which we choose in the options,a standard interface can be replaced by the blue one of the many different available on the web. Among them - Windows 95, MacOS X, also interface of Deus Ex. Hacker saves the world? At some point of our story, we received an email from a friend who send it before he died and we start hacking for the good of humanity because big and evil corporation created a nasty virus, which started to infect all the computers on Earth, and Uplink (of course) has to stop it. In course of time, You will get promoted in the hacker's hierarchy and start to upgrade the hardware and software and by then get more complicated cases to deal with, like: stealing money from accounts, records, etc. Of course in all time you must be careful: cleaning the logs, avoid being traced by the IP to break security as quickly as possible - it's as difficult as playing the fps in a hard mode :) The game is amazing! The most advantage is the gameplay and this is a huge plus of this production. Meanwhile playing it, we started to know what will happen next. “The appetite grows with what it feeds on’ - this proverb perfectly reflects the nature of this game. At least gameplay recompensed poor graphics and sounds. I recommend the game because of gameplay and an original idea. There are a lot of games talking about crime, but few of them talks about offenses in the network. Were it not for the graphics and sound, the game could be a real hit. And remember: Trust is a Weakness.


Deus ex machina...

srukor | April 13, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition - PC

What is Deus Ex? It is primarily a game 'end of the century' - postmodern mix of styles and trends. This is a First Person Perspective, characteristics of the main character like a simple RPG, but we need to avoid open battle with the opponents (with a few exceptions) so similar to what the great Thief has taught us... The basis of any game pretending to role-playing game is the storyline. The story in Deus Ex has absolutely a prominent place in a whole play that you cannot play without paying attention to the complicated tangle of events. The game is set in the near future when in the entire world blow up a mysterious epidemic called Gray's death, although it is known to cure, but it is not enough for everyone. The story in Deusie is incredibly complicated. But we have many ways to learn more about it - we can crack into computers and read others' e-mails, notes in books, newspaper articles, and information stored in special 'data cubes' - from all these sources emerges an epic story, although complicated, but very consistent and very inspiring ... Of course, it is worth to mention about the psychological well-sketched portraits of all the main characters in the story ... Deus Ex charm, in addition to an amazing story, is its enormous flexibility. Every element of the game You can go several ways depending on your own preferences and what you have in inventory ... Do not have a multitool? Search in the nearest neighborhood cause you could find the code for the lock-resistant ... You can’t deal with a bunch of enemies? Maybe there is somewhere a ventilation duct, which you could go around the place ... Generally, Deus Ex is one of the better games I've ever played. Amazing cyberpunk atmosphere, well-constructed plot, unexpected story turns, really good graphics (despite the age of the game) and music - it all adds up to an excellent game. I can't wait for the new Deus ex! - Absolutely not allowing players to take a break from computer.-


Sit tight like a DOG! - K&L are back!

srukor | April 12, 2011 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

Apparently the sequel is a big step forward compared to the first part. In part, I agree. Game-play in relation to the K & L 1 leaves less time to think. There are more moments of pure panic that forces us to make decisions faster, lot of chaos. Technical way performs well, both the visual side (from the perspective of an amateur camera and the image was superimposed on a specific type of filter - can be turned off in settings) and audio (sound side is even better than the graphics. The dialogues are recorded professionally, watching the cut scenes You feel like watching the action film. All kinds of noises are also implemented well and so that sound natural, the music creates atmosphere and fits the action.). Multiplayer also gives advice, and the only drawback is a strange animation, when hiding behind shields like walls etc., plus a few minor bugs. Levels we explore are interesting and varied. Initially, we run through the narrow streets, then we move to the underground parking , and at the end explore the construction site or the highway . In this aspect, Kane & Lynch 2 is doing very well. Generally the game is realistic brutal and shocking. Adults only!!!


Napalm in the mornnig?

srukor | April 12, 2011 | Review of Magicka Vietnam DLC - PC

Magicka Vietnam is an action (role-playing game) with the action set in the jungle among the rice fields of Vietnam. This must be a marvelous experience which you can't miss it! If you like napalm strikes in the morning this is it!:) As more Magicka: Vietnam, looks like the original, so you if you played Magicka you find yourself very quickly. It is still a dynamic hack 'n slash, but in this time You wille have more contemporary tools of destruction, such as machine guns. It reminds me the times of Cannon Fodder. Best buy of DLC's of the april! MUST HAVE!