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A exhilarating blast of a platformer!

ssj11mav | Dec. 30, 2013 | Review of Hell Yeah Collection - PC

This game will have you smiling, laughing, and jaw dropping from start to finish. Hell Yeah! gets right what most other games don't. It stimulates and tickles your senses and expectations you probably have from most games nowadays. It doesn't bore you with long explanations, but rather rolls off with tongue in cheek humor depicting classic sega platforming games. It's not a nostalgia trip by any extent as the game can be enjoyed by those who've never even played a sega console game before, but it's a nice touch to have the extra DLC for some skins from some old Sega games (something which is optional if you buy the game seperate of DLC!). Thankfully you won't need to waste much time with the skins as there's a nice randomizer button to get a fresh new look whenever you're bored with the one you have already... or you can simply play "Nude" so to speak. (Something which is also touched upon plenty of times against the character despite him being a literal rabbit skeleton!) Although, I must warn you, you should be of proper maturity to fully enjoy this game, have a slight extent of patience as some bosses will kick your ass if you lazily toss yourself around with some jumps, and be prepared for some fast warioware type mini games every time you defeat a major enemy! Also, ditch the controller and use a keyboard and mouse. You can't fire your weapon, aim, jump, and move around at the same time unless you plan on growing an extra thumb for the face button on an xbox controller! Some parts require you to be agile!