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First impressions

stavmixer | Nov. 19, 2012 | Review of Sine Mora - PC

After seeing some trailers of the console version some time ago I was pretty hyped about the game. The graphics are beautiful and the art direction makes it very interesting. The Hungarian voices gives the game a distinctive feeling, which I personally love. But some things in the gameplay ticks me off and are worthy of consideration before purchase. First off, there's some walls in the game (which damages you on touch) that blend in very well with the background and the only way to actually know if some parts of the background are walls or not is to run into them first and then remember it. Secondly, the bullets in the game (patterns and amount) are very "bullet hell-ish" but the game generally plays out like a normal shot 'em up. This is pretty weird in itself and can be frustrating due to a sick amount of bullets coming at you with no real way to actually dodge them all. Thank god that you don't die by a single hit in the game. If you think you have no problem with this, do consider getting it.