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Horrible controls

stealthdf2 | Dec. 27, 2013 | Review of MX vs ATV Reflex - PC

I love offroad and mx style or atv games. but i cant play this game at all cause the controls are just horrible. when using a gamepad you have to steer with the left stick as normal, but to lean back and forward you have to use the right stick. its a pain having to use 2 sticks to control the bike and it doesnt work very well at all. This is a huge disapointment as i had heard so much about this game and how fun it was, but i cant get used to these controls. ive tried and tried but it just feels horrible to me. Iveplayed pretty much every offroad racing game and esp the ones with bikes and atv so this is very strange why they choose this control scheme. it just feels like they striped all the intuitiveness from the game by doing this. They could have at least gave the option for classic control setup.