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More of the same, exactly what we wanted.

stemot | June 15, 2014 | Review of State of Decay Breakdown DLC - PC

If you've played State Of Decay, imagine that game without the over arching plot and you have Breakdown. Set up your camp and scavenge and survive long enough to gather resources to fix up the motor home at which point you move to a fully refreshed map with a higher zombie count that inflicts more damage and fewer vehicles and resources. You get the opportunity to rescue hero characters from the main games story that come with increased stats than the normal survivors you save and them can use them to complete mini achievements within each "stage" to increase your score, basically you play until your community can survive no longer. I consider this a must for anyone who owns the base game and enjoyed it. It's follow up DLC "Lifeline" is also worth a punt. Best survival game I've played.


Fantastic reimagining

stemot | May 10, 2014 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown Overflow - PC

X-Com on the Amiga 1200 was one of my favourite games of the era so I was eagerly awaiting this reboot and it didn't disappoint. While it streamlines a lot of the originals UI into a more user friendly version and removes the concept of time units for a more simple two action turn, Firaxis have done a a great job of bringing the old game right up to date for a modern audience. The new game still focuses on your team members and their progression through the ranks with experience, making it all the harder when you lose them permanently because you made a stupid decision during combat. The visuals are very good for a strategy game and although the story ends on a little of a bum note the progression through the campaign and it's alien invasion story line are enough to keep you playing. One of my favourite games of last gen and a game all fans of the original should play.


Decent game for those willing to give it a chance

stemot | May 10, 2014 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified - PC

Im a big fan of the XCOM universe and I don't understand the hate this game has received from fans of the series, especially when we got the great strategy title before this. The games combat plays a lot like the Mass Effect titles in that you have your squad of 3 operatives, each with their own fantastical abilities given to them through reversed engineered alien tech. You must give them strategic commands in battles to get them to flank enemies to an an advantage, much like in the turn based strategy game but taking place in real time. I found the combat to be challenging and also satisfying. The story is much like a B-movie set in the 50s or 60s with your character being an operative in the American XCOM initiative to stop the aliens from invading the backwater US. Anyone that is willing to have an open mind and willing to give an XCOM game a chance even though it isn't a strategy game in the purest sense will get enjoyment from this and seeing familiar enemies return from a new perspective.


Fantastic post apocalyptic survival.

stemot | April 19, 2014 | Review of State of Decay - PC

For a game from an indie studio State Of Decay is a surprisingly great zombie survival game. Built on the Cryengine you must manage a group of survivors as you take control of any one of them at a time and scavange the world to survive. Featuring a large, detailed map and plenty of places to explore and a decent story it's really the closest any game has come to the feel of The Walking Dead TV show. Some of the animation etc can be a little rough around the edges but there is so much to enjoy here it's easy to look past that. The game also has a survival DLC called Breakdown that takes the story away and pits you and your group against an ever increasing and tougher zombie population. There is also another incoming DLC called Lifeline which will task you with being part of the military, on a new map tasked with saving survivors. This was probably one of my top 3 GoTY's last year and an amazing achievement for a small team.