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Not much freedom, but a great deal of story!

stephen1212 | Oct. 26, 2011 | Review of Dragon Age 2 - PC

One of the biggest gripes that you hear about this game can be countered by saying it is NOT Dragon Age: Origins 2, but Dragon Age 2. It is not a follow up, its the same universe, and does come after the first game, but it is a different game. You play Hawke, whether male or female, a refugee from Ferelden, the town of lothering to be specifc, if you have played the first game, you know that is the first little town you come to that is ravaged by the darkspawn. This is a change from the first game, and makes it more inline with Mass Effect, rather than older RPGs. You character is voiced and acted out, which makes for a more cinematic experience rather than a free gaming experience. You still have choices to make, that affect the world and characters but the everything is on a smaller scale than Origins BUT it is still a very good game, the combat is changed from origins to be a closer more action based combat, again in keeping with Mass Effect, I personally found it to be very good, tight fights make you really work. With it being so close in combat, it was easy to get dragged into one character instead of group, which I found brilliant for an action RPG, sometimes combat is too dull from a higher group orientated view point. The story, does not delve into some areas where you expect it too, but it is a very good story, and the final act is just brilliant. It took me about 40 hours on one playthrough, but I looked in every crook, and alley. For the price it is, I would pick it up in a heart beat as it is great value for the amount of play.


One of the best games released in 2010

stephen1212 | Aug. 24, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

First the warning. It is Directx 10 and up so no windows XP allowed. If you are fine with that, then come on over to Panau and lets set the place on fire. Its completely open world, you get missions all over the map, and scores come available on every tier so you are never stuck for places to vist. The gameplay is in how you visit, from tanks, scooters, planes, powerboats, sports cars and attack helicopters anywhere you want to go, you go. The AI and voice acting is poor but it never gets in the way of things. I like to look on it as a action movie from the 80's and 90's, acting is poor, story is poor but it is what popcorn gaming is about, just great gameplay. What are you waiting for? Panau is waiting


Its just crazy

stephen1212 | Aug. 24, 2011 | Review of Cargo The Quest for Gravity - PC

I don't know if I played this game any more after reading the other reviews, I don't remember this being a racing game! You do race in it, but its not a racer! You crash land on a planet and have to rebuild your ship, and as you progress you unlock new pieces to work with. You can make lots of different vechiles to solve the problems, some are stuck under water, others up in the sky. The graphics are ok, they do for the game, they are fun but not heavy on your system. The sound is again fun, but nothing ground breaking. The gameplay is unique, I have never played or heard of a game where you kick small people to create resources, you then spend this on pulling down building which unlocks new challenges such as the ocean freezing up and spawning angry penguins. It is good fun, BUT not that great a game. Its worth a try if you are kinda interested, but you need to go into knowing its something different.


Good, but not what you think

stephen1212 | Aug. 17, 2011 | Review of From Dust - PC

There is a lot of talk about this game being the next Populous or Black & White. It is not. It feels similar, but your goal is completely different. Your tribe do everything for you, you just guide them to the totems, and make sure they are safe. You get different challenges do each map, some there will be a massive volcano and lava is flowing to the village and you have to turn it away. The way you do all this is spectacular, the mud settles, the water rises, and will find the fastest way out. It feels brilliant, you aren't sculpting the land by set shapes, it feels alive and malleable. The biggest let down is that you just help these villagers on to the next map and then your done. There is an empty sandbox level at the end, but it could do with a structure or a disaster systems, or some randomness to shake things up. Overall a good game, but if you go in expecting something like populous or black & white, you will be disappointed. It is a great game for a nice relaxing evening