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Sonic Team delivers gold

stormx360 | Jan. 11, 2013 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

My personal game of the year 2011, It is an amazing recreation of the original sonic environments, as if the 2D gameplay wasn't good enough, they've also managed to get 3D gameplay down and also recreate the classic levels in 3D, aswell as manage to recreate the modern levels in 2D perfectly. Although it has some small stability issues in the online mode, it can be easily overlooked due to what this game is, an amazing package of the best levels in Sonic history.


One of the best 2D sonics, now made available to modern day fans

stormx360 | Jan. 11, 2013 | Review of Sonic CD - PC

An amazing remake of a game that was sadly not played by many due to being on the failed Sega CD add on, however, don't let the quality of this add on base your opinion on this game, as this is in my opinion the best 2D sonic game available and at this price you'd be a fool to pass, Its also a very good remake with gamepad support, widescreen resolutions, Steam achievements, Tails as a extra character and more. Why are you still reading this? Buy it!


Great game, poor port.

stormx360 | Jan. 10, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - PC DVD

This game is amazing, if your using a controller and the "DS Fix" mod, without it this game is unplayable, the mouse controls for the game are very glitchy and the resolution is locked to the console versions native res, which gives it a very muddy and washed out look., this is fixed using the "DSFix" mod however which allows you to increase the native rendering resolution of the game. Moving past the port, you are preparing yourself for a very fustrating, annoying and will drive you to the borderline of insanity game, however, each boss has its own weakness, and once you find that weakness you get a feeling of reward and that you've beat the challenge the game has presented you with, and for that, I can't suggest it enough.


A great release of a great of a great game

stormx360 | Jan. 10, 2013 | Review of NiGHTS into DREAMS - PC

Ah NiGHTS, Words can not describe this game, released on the failed saturn console not many people played this, however, most that have agree its amazing, this version is also packed with content, you have the HD remaster, the original version from the Saturn and if that wasn't enough, you also get the Christmas Nights release, a two level version of Nights which was given away free with a saturn magazine back in its prime. For this price your crazy not to.


Why are you reading this? You should be buying it!

stormx360 | Nov. 29, 2012 | Review of Jet Set Radio - PC

Amazing game, that thanks to its cel-shaded art style does not really age visually, The complete soundtrack from the original Dreamcast release is there too, albit one or two songs, Controls however can be a bit flakey, so keep that in mind if you wish to purchase it.


Okay for the price, not really worth picking up though

stormx360 | Nov. 29, 2012 | Review of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Mode - PC

The content added in through the Battle mode is two player, so I suggest avoiding it if you don't have anyone to play with, Its hard to review this content as its more down to 1. Do you have someone to play this with? 2. Do you and your second player enjoy the multiplayer experience? If you said yes to both, get it, if not, give it a miss. PS. Multiplayer is local only.


Amazing, not much more can be said

stormx360 | Nov. 29, 2012 | Review of Sonic Adventure 2 - PC

Released originally on the Dreamcast, it still stands today as one of my favorite games of all time, There are multiple characters (each with very varied gameplay), three single player stories (although they do overlap a bit) I couldn't praise it more. The only downside is its basically only playable if you have a controller. The port is decent too, although you will need to enable v-sync or the game will run too fast.


Great game, but with too many flaws

stormx360 | Oct. 8, 2011 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad Steam Digital Deluxe Edition - PC

I'm writing this based on its current state, At the moment the game is extremely bugged, they've recently had to reset the ranks plus the steam acheivements that are tied to the game due to the score and achievement tracking being bugged, the game freezes alot and is generally unoptimised, If you can look past the issues with the freezing, glitches, buggy score tracking and achievements you will find a great FPS. I have faith that Tripwire will sort all the issues out with the game, and infact, i'm hoping that I can write a more positive review one day, but based on the current state of the game I will have to review it 55. I am however looking forward to the various mods that will be released for the game in the coming months. I'd however easily say to get the original Red Orchestra game if you're looking for an amazing FPS with a very steep learning curve (trust me on this, you'll always feel like you need to improve after hours and hours of gameplay. There is also the darkest hour mod for the original game which adds new maps and weapons to the base game. I honestly hope I can write better review once some of the issues are fixed however.


You'll love it, and then hate it.

stormx360 | Oct. 8, 2011 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

This game is great, it's the only game that's made me want to break the PC, yet I still come back to it time after time, The game is huge (There are over 300 levels, plus bonus warp zones) If that wasn't enough, Team Meat have also level editor, so you can always make more levels if needed. Another thing I loved is how it has unlocks, and bonus levels from various indie games (including Bit Trip Runner, Minecraft, VVVVVV and more), theres even a headcrab from Half Life to unlock!. I can easily say to anyone looking for a challenge or for a decent platformer to buy it now, if you don't like games which make you fustrated, stay away.