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Great athmosphere and gameplay

stownd | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 2 - PC

The story is set right after the events of the second Dead Space movie (Dead Space: Aftermath) which plays about 3 years after the original Dead Space game. Again you play as the engineer Isaac Clark but this time he has a voice. Isaac is hunted by visions of his dead girlfriend and other halucinations. In Dead Space 2 you'll encounter a ton of new necromorphs (of course the old ones are there, too). The lightning, graphics and map design combined with the great sound effects make a frightening athmosphere. Another great feature of Dead Space 2 is the advanced zero gravity gameplay. You are now able to fly around in 360°. Like in the first game you can upgrade your weapons and your suit at ingame workbenches. Telekinesis and the statis module have increased importance in the fight against the necromorphs. Most humans you'll find in the game are either insane or will die after a few seconds (often even both). The multiplayer component brings some fresh amount of fun and bloodshed by letting you play as some of the infected necromorphs. All in all Dead Space 2 is one of the most awesome horror games ever created and by mixing splatter/horror gameplay with intense action sequences it brings the franchise to a whole new level


IWNet ruins multiplayer

stownd | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - PC

The story of MW2 is set about 5 years after the events from CoD4 and the game is a direct sequel. Imran Zakhaev is dead - the new bad guy is called Vladimir Makarov. During the very short (ca. 7 hours of playtime) campaign you change characters very often. Starting with Pvt. Joseph Allen (AKA. Alexei Borodin) from the USMC, Sgt. Gary Roach Sanderson (Task Force 141) and even Cpt. Soap MacTavish (the character you've played in CoD4). You visit many different locations - from the slums in Rio de Janeiro, over the freezing hills of Kazakhstan to the desert of Afghanistan. The whole campaign is very diversified and full of action. Modern Warfare 2 simply has one of the best and most impressive singleplayer campaigns of all FPS games so far. Spec Ops: I think Spec Ops is really great. There are many different mission types and experiencing the game coop with a friend just makes more fun! BUT: Why not make the whole game coop? There are only 2 missions in the SP campaign which wouldn't fit for 2 players! Multiplayer: The multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 isn't that great. Although you can choose your own killstreak rewards and create/customize your class-loadouts like in CoD4 the game is just filled with too much nooblike shit and plays more like a damn flight simulator than a real shooter. The gamemodes are basically the same as in CoD 4. Some new are: CTF (Capture the flag), Demolition and 1on1 Cage Fight. There are lots of challenges to complete and 10 Prestige modes to master. The weapons are great and well balanced. Some of the new perks may be a bit overpowered and lots of the killstreak rewards just get annoying (after dying 5 times to a single harrier for example). You are able to customize your so called callsign with Titles and Icons unlocked by completing challenges. IWnet really ruins multiplayer for PC gamers and the lack of private servers has a huge negative effect on eSports and competitive play.


Great sequel!

stownd | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of BioShock 2 Steam - PC

I really enjoyed playing the singleplayer campaign of BioShock 2. The major difference betwen BioShock 2 and the first game is that you play as a Big Daddy. This will have an effect on the basic gameplay mechanics and on the combat. The story: The story is set 10 years after the happenings of the first BioShock game. This time you play as Delta - he is the first Big Daddy. At the beginning of the game you see a video where Sofia Lamb makes the player to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger infront of his littler sister which is called Eleanor. Ten years later you wake up somehow (reason for this is explained at the end of the game). Your task is it to find Eleanor (your little sister) who is caged by her mother (Sofia Lamb). Sofia Lamb is the Leader of some cult or political group so you have to deal with her followers, before you can save your little sister. Singleplayer: The most time you'll spend in Rapture (name of the city under water) is defined by combat. The so called Splicers (citizens of Rapture who became insane by consuming too much Adam - Adam is genetically material which is needed to use Plasmids and Tonics) are the main enemies in the game. Some of them use normal Weapons like Shotguns, Tommy Guns and Revolvers, others mutated into muscle-packed melee fighters and some even fight you with Plasmids. Sometimes you have to deal with some bigger enemies like other Big Daddys or even Big Sisters. Weapons: There are only 7 different weapons but each has 3 different ammo types. My favorite weapon is the Big Daddy Drill. With it's melee attaks you can bring down even larger enemies in a few seconds. Plasmids: You can use trhe so called plasmids (genetically modifications) to kill your foes. Plasmids require EVE with every use (eve is comparable to mana in an RPG). Every Plasmid has 2 upgrades - with every upgrade they are getting stronger or gain a new ability. For example the fire plasmid: First you can set your enemie on fire, then you can charge it to shoot a fireball which will explode, burning multiple enemies and with the last upgrade you can use it as a flamethrower. Tonics: Tonics are passive abilities (similar to perks in Call of Duty). You have 18 slots but there are much more tonics available. Tonics improve your combat skills, weapon damage, haccking skills or let you carry more health packs for example. I didn't had the chance to experience the multiplayer yet but i'm sure it will kick ass! BioShock is one of the greatest FPS. The fictional setting with all it's characters, places and ideas is just terrific. The singleplayer campaign feels nice and the atmosphere is just awesome. You can't stop playing until you're done with the game. With multiple endings the game has a replayability!


A shame for the gothic franchise

stownd | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of ArcaniA Steam - PC

In my eyes this game doesn't deserve to have "gothic" in it's name because there's a total lack of everything gothic... First of all - what were the things that made a Gothic game? - Ironic/Sarcastic Gothic-Dude - Good (and NON-linear) Storyline - Funny characters and quests None of the above is given in this game... The new Gothic-Dude is just some retarded kid, the story is completely linear and somehow most of the characters and quests are boring! Also the environment is kind of empty and the fighting system is nothing but button bashing and some defensive rolling on the floor (which is totally stupid with a knight's armor!) At least the graphics and environments in this game are totally beautiful.. After Gothic 3 I thought it couldn't get worse but this game beats even the bugfest of it's predecessor with the linear (and boring) story and the lack of humour! But after playing it for a while now I see that for an RPG it's quite ok - but it still is a shame for the Gothic franchise!