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Another FPS with RPG elements (it's good, though)

sudoscientist | Sept. 3, 2011 | Review of BioShock - PC

It's similar to Borderlands in a way - an FPS with a lot of RPG elements melded in. It does it very differently though. Graphically, the game is gorgeous, and has some of the best environments, settings, and level design I've ever seen. The story is superb and is one that actually makes you stop and think. It's one of the few (if not the only) game where my choices and actions actually made me legitimately pause to think and ponder whether I was doing something wrong - not within the confines of the game's gameplay or story, but from an ethical or moral standpoint. If you still haven't played it, do so as soon as possible.


A personal favorite.

sudoscientist | Sept. 3, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

As a huge fan of shooters, as well as certain RPGs, Borderlands presents a lovely little package. It's an FPS at heart, and with its practically limitless variations on weapons, that really shines through. It brings together creative and radically variable environments, funny and memorable characters (with good voice acting, to boot), and wonderfully original gameplay. The entire game is extremely fluid, and while the story isn't affected by our choices in the same way it might be for games like Fallout or Deus Ex, the primary replay value comes from the gameplay - 4 classes, each with very different features and characteristics, mean that playing through it feels very different each time. Arguably the most important thing is to bring friends. It's very similar to games like Left 4 Dead in that playing with friends makes it infinitely more enjoyable - although unlike L4D, it's still fun to do solo, and it has an actual storyline (quirky though it may be.)


Stands brilliantly as a sequel/prequel as well as on its own.

sudoscientist | Sept. 1, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

It's hard to summarize how I feel about this game. It is both a worthy successor to the first Deus Ex and a fantastic game in its own right. It is the first game I have played through almost non-stop in a long while. Even on my first run, without completing most of the side missions, it yielded a good 25 hours on the normal/medium/"Give me a challenge" difficulty setting. Where to begin? The AI is stellar. Enemies take cover, track you, fan out, and flank you. Too many times to count, I watched one alerted enemy come towards me from around a corner only to realize that his partner had snuck up behind me from the other direction. The level design is also amazing. Like the first game, everything is approachable from several angles. Want to sneak around? Use the vents, hide around corners, buy a suppressor for your pistol, use soft/knockout takedowns, and invest in the cloaking and silence augmentations. Want to go loud and kill everyone you meet? Invest in damage resistance and shields, buy higher damage weapon mods, sprint everywhere, and use your hard/lethal takedowns. And of course the immersion is wonderful. The graphics, voice acting, environments, plot, and general feel are all incredible. As I mentioned above, I could hardly leave the game alone. Unlike most games, and even unlike similar games (like Mass Effect), I never once wanted to take a break to play something else. My biggest (and yet really quite insignificant) complaint was the boss battles - they are few and far between, but they could be quite frustrating without knowing how to handle them. A quick google search, however, will yield plenty of ideas - and that's the real beauty of the game. You can do just about anything within the narrative, and yet it feels very tight and well paced. One of a select few of its kind that tells you an interesting and relevant story while still letting you truly play it your way.