Reviews by supersheep27


Not bad at all!

supersheep27 | July 20, 2014 | Review of State of Decay Pack - PC

Although the zombie genre is becoming over-saturated at the moment, State of Decay is fairly refreshing, in that it feels like a stripped-down zombified GTA. You can go to loads of places and control the flow of the story to a far greater extent than in games like The Walking Dead for example. Gameplay is standard but not awkward or too clunky, while the graphics are clean but lack the polish of AAA titles. Overall, the main game provides enough entertainment for many hours. For me personally, the extra DLC is not worth it, co-op would have been a more meaningful addition to the main game, but all in all this is a great package, simply because the State of Decay on its own is so fun.


Fantastic value and some great games!

supersheep27 | June 9, 2014 | Review of XCOM Collection - PC

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a fantastic turn-based combat game when it came out back in 2012, and remains so, although the visuals cannot compare to recent titles. The upside to this is that the game is normally smooth on modest systems. In this game Earth has been attacked by aliens, and there is no alternative but to fight them. The gameplay often revolves around positioning soldiers into cover, and picking off aliens from a safe area, although I found this to be both fun and addictive. As you progress through the game, you are made to feel gradually stronger and stronger, which provides a good incentive to carry on playing, while the fact that specific soldiers can die and do not respawn makes each fight more desperate. Finally, the bundled expansion packs also add hours more playtime, so that overall, I really do not think this bundle should be missed. In terms of graphics requirements, the game works well enough on my laptop with integrated HD4000 graphics, however I do recommend checking the minimum requirements beforehand to avoid disappointment.


Heartwrenching and powerful

supersheep27 | April 18, 2014 | Review of To The Moon - PC

I played this game from start to finish in one sitting, and it's amazing how much feeling carries through despite the simplistic graphics. Please don't let the top-down view deter you from giving this a go - it is an emotional tour-de-force that I'm sure will have many crying before the game is completed. It is evident that the producers of To The Moon created it with love and care, as each conversation brings out another aspect of its characters and makes them appear even more human. To The Moon is not perfect. The gameplay itself is mediocre, consisting of fairly dull puzzles, and it's not particularly long. But these are minor faults in comparison to the narrative. If you enjoyed games like The Walking Dead, this is well worth a try.