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Old game that never gets old

syahrefi | July 6, 2013 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

At first when i bought this game, it's a bit meh But later i realized that i made a BIG MISTAKE why? because i played it solo all the time, which is so wrong Try co-op game with your friends or come to any community server out there and you'll see something great! Totally different with solo play Developer's support and the community is great. This game is often updated with new contents, bug fixes and improvement and new events. You can also browse some good materials from steam workshop to make it even better This game is simply great and challenging, old but never gets old



syahrefi | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Cities in Motion (1) - PC

At first, i'll let you know If you're looking for an exact rival of simcity or cities xl, you'll get dissapointed Why? Because the genre is different, this is a city-transportation simulation game. At first. i suggest you to take the tutorials, they'll guide you into basic and most important things about creating a line. They're very helpful. The Scenario mode is nice, with dynamic sub-quest that will take you up into hours of challenge. Take you time to finish the scenario, no need to rush, the quests don't have a time limit. Sandbox mode is also fun to play, let see if you can handle a busy city for years. That's all? No! Your real game begin when you start using mods, seriously! Register your game at paradox forum then you can access load of awesome mods! You can even start building a real city (buildings, roads, decorations, etc) in-game with some mods. For the graphics, it's good. It's comparable with simcity 4. It's even better if you maxed out the graphic settings. The sounds is okay, at some point they're unrealistic, but acceptable. And one more thing, all those awesomeness are packed into a less than 500mb steam download size. I was shocked by the size, but that's for real. At first my estimation is about (at least) 2gb but i was wrong. At the end, this game is definitely worth to buy!


It's a nice game

syahrefi | Jan. 25, 2013 | Review of Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition NA - PC

The graphics itself is good, can't tell you much just watch some youtube or screenshots, i'd like to give it 90/100 score for graphics. And for the game itself, The plot is good at beginning, but at later game its just something "plain". Nothing really special on it Need a quick combat reflex, the air-to-air combat is challenging (or maybe i should replace "challenging" with "hard"). Though it is awesome but i guess if you don't have any controller, you'll suffering.


A well done casual game

syahrefi | Dec. 18, 2012 | Review of Worms Crazy Gold - PC

If you love worms series, and need some minigames, this one might satisfy you! The main objective is just like a standard golf game, put the ball in the hole. Quite simple, right? But no no no, you're wrong!! You'll face a unique terrain and some obstacles like bricks, other worms, or even sheep! This game got a whole lot of courses and side quest, honestly you'll get bored easily. But hey, this is not a game that supposed to be played for hours continuously! In my opinion, this game is worth the price and i consider this as casual/minigame on my game collection :)


FPS with MMORPG style

syahrefi | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 post - PC

If you love playing FPS and MMORPG you'll gonna love this one! At first, you can select 4 classes (or 5 with pre-order pack / Mech DLC) that suits your playing style. Kill the mobs, get exp & loots, and level up! And don't forget to spend skill points. Those will help you to finish your quests. The game itself is quite easy at beginning, but become harder as the time goes in. At end-game, you'll face a super duper hard super-boss, but no worries, with the help of your friends (or random strangers via online matchmaking) you'll be able to beat him and get a chance to get a legendary loot item. Another feature is dueling. You get bored doin quest, wanna test your skill, or just wanna show off your legendary equip? Just meet someone someone via online features or LAN and ask for duel. The first minus points my opinion is the mob type. You'll find similar type of enemy through the game, the only real difference is their level, body size and color. The second one is the main story which (in my opinion) is too short.


Be a football manager !

syahrefi | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Football Manager 2013 - PC

This game is going better. 3d match looks a bit better and some GUI improvement have been made. The community is also great, combination of SI support and community stuff's will hypnotize you into hours of fun (and challenges). Everything that you knew and dreamed on FM12 is still there, you don't have to learn from beginning (Though the tutorials quite complete for any newbies outthere). A new features implemented, the "classic mode". Somehow it reminds me to the old FM, and SI also applied a new business model by implementing in-game shop for classic mode. In this mode, game is much simpler, faster and more challenging. You need a deep knowledge about the team you handle, otherwise you'll find a brick wall between you and your success. Overall this game is worth to buy, so, grab this one and be a football manager !