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So cheesy it's good.

syclonix | Sept. 25, 2014 | Review of Binary Domain - PC

For some reason I really love this game <3 The dialog is terrible, the love story is cheesy, the voice recognition butchers every command I give, but there's something downright charming about Binary Domain. I played the demo with a keyboard and mouse and hated it (it's a terrible console port), but later after I bought a 360 controller I found the game and sale and gave it a second shot. The first thing that will strike you is the destruction physics of the robot--there's nothing like it in any other game I've played. There is an incredibly visceral feel to every shot you take that either dismembers, decapitates or otherwise cripples a robot. Every weapon feels really good and every baddie feels really good shooting. Boss fights are particularly satisfying as they often evolve and change tactics as you decimate them piece by piece. Second, the near-future setting and story taking place in a closed-border Japan is really really cool. The environments give an epic feeling making you feel like as small as a fly. And the story, although not terribly deep, keeps things moving at a nice pace alongside the constant action. As mentioned previously, the dialog is really, really, cheesy; but somehow it works. I don't know whether it was done on purpose but you feel like you're in a B-rated sci-fi film except that it's actually quite entertaining. Finally, the game is the perfect length for me--it's always better to want to stay in the game's universe a bit longer than getting bored and having too much. Binary Domain does the former. Overall, A fun sci-fi action-romp that surprisingly became one of my favorite underrated games.


Sine me up!

syclonix | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Sine Mora - PC

I don't love bullet hell games, but I downloaded the Sine Mora demo and had such a good time playing it that I bought it. The gameplay is difficult and challenging to say the least, but it is really fun and you feel a good sense of accomplishment every time you beat (or merely squeak by) a level. The best thing about Sine Mora is that it keeps things fresh and interesting. You never know what's coming around the next corner, except that it will be difficult. The bosses are imaginative, have a great sense of scale to make you really feel outmatched, and often surprise you in the way they change tactics just when you thought you had them pinned down. Moreover, I LOVE the environments! So many of these types of games look the same and have the same feel (Jamestown is another great exception) but Sine Mora has a wonderful and colorful sci-fi-meets-fantasy aesthetic that blends together really well with all the other elements of the game. My only complaint about Sine Mora and the reason for docking points off the score is that it is punishing. I can be very difficult even on the easiest level, especially for new players. And while that's great for regulars of bullet hell games, it may alienate a lot of less experienced people and believe me, I want more and more people to be able to experience the delightful gem that is Sine Mora!


Simple yet Addictive

syclonix | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of 10000000 - PC

10,000,000 combines your standard match-3 type gameplay with dungeon crawling and charming 8-bit graphics. In fact if there's one word for 10,000,000 it's that it is simply charming. It's not at all complicated, there isn't much strategy involved, and the scope of gameplay is fairly limited, but it's still a joy to play because of the way the theme, graphics, and sound come together. The basic premise of the game is to scroll the columns or rows of blocks to match 3+ of the same block-types. There are weapon, spell, shield, key, and treasure blocks and you have to match the correct type in order to defeat the enemy on screen or unlock the door/chest on screen. The game is fast-paced and gets increasingly faster as you progress and if you run out of time or get hit enough by enemies you die. You continue doing these runs, unlocking different "levels" as you go until you're able to reach a score of 10,000,000. Overall, it's a great little pick up and play game with good replayability and is sure to be handy for those times you want to play something that doesn't require a big investment in time or brain power.


From a non-strategy gamer

syclonix | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA Overflow 1 - PC

I'm pretty bad at strategy games, I absolutely hate Real Time Strategy games, but I'll check out turn-based strategy games every once in a while because at least they let me take my sweet time to think about my moves. Despite, my newness to strategy games and the X-COM series, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an absolute pleasure to play! I am having so much fun with the individual turn-based missions as well as the meta-game of managing your base operations and over-arching strategy. I started playing in Classic mode because that's what old school X-COM players recommended. It was really really intense! Actually too intense for my personal preference so I switched over to Normal mode with all the Second Wave options enabled and now I'm having a blast playing! It's still tense, but also easy enough to remain enjoyable. My only (very) minor gripe about the game is that it doesn't give you much direction in the way of what research paths to take. There is no research tree you can look at (unless you cheat and go online) so often times you're just guessing what to research next without knowing what the research will produce and whether or not it will be beneficial to you. But then again, perhaps this was the point to make the game feel more desperate and chaotic. Ultimately, this means you could very well put yourself at a disadvantage you're unable to recover from later on in the game. Again, a very, very minor gripe. Overall XCOM is a blast and I highly recommend it to anyone, even non-strategy gamers, it's a good game to get your feet wet with.