Reviews by takuto06


Classic but not vintage

takuto06 | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto III Steam - PC

The game that started the hype of open world games. Taking a look back from all sandbox games, the basics all came from this. I remember playing this for long hours because it was pretty amazing during then. Now you see games like Saints Row, Sleeping Dogs and the sequel GTA game series with non-silent protagonists unlike the mute character in this game. This a nice game for those starting with the open world genre.


Too short!

takuto06 | Aug. 8, 2013 | Review of Fairy Bloom Freesie - PC

The game is so addicting but you can finish it in just one sitting. The replayability is lacking as it only adds one new mode after the end. Good story and nice graphics though. It would have been nice if this had a multiplayer option and control for the other characters like street fighter. Frustrating at first but as you level up and become familiar with the game, it becomes fairly easy to beat depending on what skills you take. A good buy you'll never regret (as long as it's in a sale).



takuto06 | Aug. 7, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Steam - PC

Comparing to today's standard, graphics of this game is pretty low but with game play, it's pretty high. It's a classic in more ways than one, the atmosphere of the 80's, witty dialogues along with great music. One will not really play this for the story but rather how fun it is playing it. The clubs in-game are really funny too. Just love those dance moves. Weird yet makes you laugh. Hope that one day, Rockstar will make a similar one to this game.


Do not rush

takuto06 | Aug. 6, 2013 | Review of LA Noire The Complete Edition Steam - PC

This game has one of the best animation especially the faces due to the technology they used developing the game. Patience is something you need as this is a detective game that requires full attention to evidences and interrogations. Also, take note that the most action-packed cases are at near end especially the explosion case DLC. This is a great game to play if you have finished games like Mafia II as they have the same atmosphere though they are on opposite sides of justice.



takuto06 | Aug. 6, 2013 | Review of Hitman Blood Money Steam - PC

This was my second Hitman game. The graphics has significantly improved from the Silent Assassin but the game play was the same. For me, this was easier though. I even had a mission I finished just a few minutes with the highest rating. If you like Splinter Cell games, this is another good pick. This one has disguises though and 47 is not someone who needs to be friends with the shadows.