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Nice mix of Xcom-esque combat and Tropico.

tallonkarrde23 | July 11, 2013 | Review of Omerta City of Gangsters - PC

I think the biggest problem this game faces is XCom fans expecting it to be Mafia:Enemy Mobsters rather than an entirely different game by an unrelated company, which is exactly what it is. The game itself is a mix of both running the gang as a whole and combat missions alongside that. The main focus is the former - buying new joints, taking over businesses, and generally bringing in the cash while expanding your control out further. For me, the balance of this larger aspect along with the more focused henchmen control and combat feels nice, and I actually really enjoy playing. You can't just randomly make buildings and toss whatever upgrades on them that there are, especially not early on. Along with that you have to decide on how to expand - do you do a drive by or a buyout? This actually does matter and will often drastically change important aspects of your gang, and of course the most important thing that could end up in trouble for this; the income. Kalypso is known for the Tropico games which can be pretty challenging compared to others in the genre, I'd say some of that has carried over well into this game and gives a good level of difficulty so that you feel like you get something out of playing it and progressing. The combat is strategic (albeit starter guns feel almost based on random chance to hit sometimes) especially after you start buying better weapons and getting new henchmen - and the town gameplay takes a good amount of planning to get down right and is surprisingly pretty addictive. The actual combat can be pretty challenging on a good level at times too - rather than feeling like things are too easily or unfairly difficult. *Recently there was a large patch that actually added in a lot more to both phases; the combat is much more cleaned up and a lot of stupid bugs are fixed (like shooting through some obstacles before by the enemy AI) - but more importantly are the updates to the mob operations side of things. I haven't yet played with the patch, but there's been additions of rival gangs also spreading into your territory, attacking/taking over your businesses, and so on. This new aspect really sounds like it's made that part of the game miles better than how good it already was. Overall, I'd say it's great if you don't mind a slower paced strategy game, and even moreso if you like the mafia at all. It's got a nice laid back pace while also keeping you thinking about your next move - but if you're looking for a lot of exciting action and combat you might want to go to XCom.