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As realistic as it can get...

tangytangotang | Aug. 3, 2011 | Review of ARMA II Operation Arrowhead - PC

ARMA II Operation Arrowhead by Bohemia Interactive is a great stand-alone expansion to the original ARMA II. With beautiful environments and immersive gameplay, this is as close as you can get to hitting realism without damaging the core gameplay experience. Presentation ARMA II Operation Arrowhead has stunning graphics which this time around, doesn't suffer from the poor optimisation as it's previous, ARMA II. This allows fans and players a much more trouble free experience. As previously, the poorly optimised ARMA II was unbareable to play even on a highly specification rig. However, do note that this game still requires at least a mid-range specification rig to fully appreciate the experience as the huge environments, sound effects and character models are highly detailed. Gameplay Gameplay wise this game is essentially the same as ARMA II but with different content and improvements like any other expansion. If you've not played ARMA II then what you're playing is a military simulation game, this is simply not like your typical arcade style first/third person shooter but instead is trying to be true to realism. The game doesn't fail to deliver. As should be expected from a simulation game, ARMA II Operation Arrowhead offers a wide range of weapons and vehicles to play with and a vast amount of game modes from training to multiplayer much like the previous ARMA II so you have hours of content to play with. While game modes such as singleplayer offer a solid experience. The area ARMA II excels at is Multiplayer, since the missions and game types you embark on are much more challenging. The multiplayer is vast enough that it offers co-operative missions and extras such as a conquest based game type where you are required to take over areas and dominate the opposing factions. All of this can simply be enjoyed with like minded strangers, friends and family. With that said for any first time player, this game can be a frustrating experience as you'll often find yourself being clueless on what to do and where to go since the environments are massive and objectives not being so clear. This all leads to hours of frustration being wasted on missions which should have been easier to understand for new players. This game is simply very hard but once you've put in a few hours, the experience is spectacular. Verdict If you're a fan of ARMA II, you'll love this addition to what was already a solid game. For gamers who aren't familiar with the ARMA franchise will find this a great addition to start with as it offers the basis of ARMA II but with improvements and more content. Remember that the ARMA franchise is not like your typical run and gun shooter in which you can quit at any time. This is a simulation game that represents reality as much as possible and should really be played with friends and family for a better experience. But before you embark on a mission, expect to put hours into a single game as it consumes a lot of your time and as warned, this game is seriously hardcore. With ARMA III coming out in 2012, this is an essential game if you have any interest in playing this military simulation franchise. If you do appreciate simulation games, you won't be let down by ARMA II Operation Arrowhead from Bohemia Interactive.


Absolutely gold!

tangytangotang | Aug. 3, 2011 | Review of Spellforce 2 Gold Edition - PC

Spellforce 2 plays like an RPG/RTS game where you're able to command your army whilst levelling up your personal heroes, collecting items for improvements and with a vast amount of quests. Basically what every RPG should deliver but in Spellforce, mixed in with the strong points of a typical RTS game. It delivers in both genres. Presentation Considering the game was released in 2006, the presentation is of high quality. Graphics are stunning and the interface is perfectly fine with no intruding menus. The camera placement can be a bit bothersome considering it is an RTS game as well but the more hours you put into it, the less you'll hate it. Gameplay The game play would fail if either the RPG or RTS aspect failed. But luckily in Spellforce 2, it maintains that high quality in both genres. I personally love the idea of controlling my heroes while maintaining my army in an RTS fashion. The whole questing system works exceptionally well and in return for doing them, you receive item upgrades which improve your army and heroes. The hero system plays similar to the likes of Warhammer: Dawn of War 2 and Neverwinter Nights. So if you're familiar with those games, you'll be familiar with Spellforce 2. The game world is also huge and challenging with a lot of exploration. You'll often find areas which contain essential resources, hidden treasures and because there's side quests, you'll be adventuring a lot with the help of your troops. You'll most likely won't get bored of the game world as it offers a variety of beautiful environments. Verdict Spellforce 2 is a solid hybrid game with hours of content. The overall story isn't jaw dropping but if you're willing to accept that and you love either genres, then you'll find it an enjoyable experience. Especially since it's an unfamiliar combination which surprisingly works well. It's worth it at the price it's currently going for since you are, also getting the expansions along with it.