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Brilliant At Times

teamcanuck | Aug. 16, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

ArenaNet has outdone themselves creating a sequel to 2005's GW1. It's questing, it's story, is simply brilliant. Look at the other reviews here and you'll see plenty of players praising the game for what it does right. It's a living, breathing world that in ways you end up caring about, but, in ways, it leaves you wanting more. This game gives you standard MMO fare, dungeons, etc, but makes them horribly insignificant. It lets multiple players mix spells together to create combos. but gives you barely a reason to ever actually need to group up. GW2 is a multiplayer game played alone. Grouping up for a world boss has zero benefit. You'll find yourself alone in a room that's filled with people, because in the end, everyone is doing their own thing, alone. The PvE is stale. ArenaNet has done many 'living world' updates, but in the end, it's just a World Event from Rift: a few fun quests to do here and there for a week. The last PvE update of any consequence was back in November. You're almost forced into the sPvP/WvW end of things to get new content, which is pretty much the only place you'll get decent player-to-player interaction, but even then,WvW has de-evolved into many Zerg vs.Zerg. What's great about non-tactical combat? It's very polished, it's story tugs at your heart-strings, and it's class system is insanely deep, and diverse. Problem is, as a MMO, a game you're supposed to play for a long time, it falls flat because the developers haven't put enough emphasis on playing together. It's a game filled with situations where 20+ people are standing next to each other,playing alone. The journey's fun, though a bit lonely. It's a console game: you play it to hit level 80 and walk away.


Mixed Bag, Here.

teamcanuck | Aug. 16, 2013 | Review of The Secret World NA Origin - PC

TSW has great parts. The story shines in ways rarely seen in the MMORPG genre, and it's class system is pretty damn good as well. Problem is it's most of the other parts that is a turn off. While graphically, TSW rules, the animations for some weapon classes are horribly sub-standard. Like I mentioned, the story shines, but the problem with that is it almost shines too well. You almost don't need to care about anything on the "MMO" end of the game, like dungeons,etc. I know same can be said about most other games, but you have to say something about over 300 hours played in a MMO without any interaction with another player. It does some things well, but other than story, nothing great. It's moving wheels make you think it's going somewhere awesome, but in the end, this elevator stops halfway up the building.


Great Story

teamcanuck | Aug. 16, 2013 | Review of Defiance Post - PC

Defiance does do some things well. Although the Graphics are horribly optimized for the console versions, the PC version looks and plays stunningly. The controls aren't that bad, though the lack of a head-shot mechanic has been noticed by nearly everyone I know who plays. It uses a liberal dashing of character customization, which although deep for a Shooter, fails miserably for a MMO and as for gear quite simply: everyone has the same 4 sets of gear. Unacceptable. Trion is trying, hard, to shore up the problems with this game, though my main issue is it feels like they took what was fun about Rift and threw it half-ready into a shooter. They've been pretty much putting out daily updates on how they're doing and we've known since the day of launch that today's update was coming. The story and Arkfalls are easily the best features here, but the Arkfalls are just total clones of the rifts in Rift. They even have the stages, bonus modes and bosses that the rifts in Rift have, although they've been re-skinned to a boring meteor fragment instead of an imposing looking rift. Then you have the fact that currently, the Arkfalls give no loot other than ammo, yeah, what's the point in doing them if there's barely any reward?! The User Interface is clunky and confusing, and will take you time to get fully used to. Everything with this game seems to go out of it's way to force you to try too hard to get it to work or get to the feature, as all the important menus seem buried in a web of other, less important menus. It's sad that a story as good as Defiance's will be dragged though the mud by being paired with a game that's horribly unfinished, and plays poorly. The game forces you to EGO 5000 for "endgame" but lacks any real reason to be there; there's no raiding content and you find yourself going though the motions in the same few dungeons. Outside story, graphics and vehicles, this is a poorly designed game, which saddens me because I still love Rift. It's sadly amusing that while in Rift, Defiance players have had to log in and start chatting about what they're doing in that game, because Defiance's chat works horribly. There's almost no MMO features to this game: no guild leveling system, no guild banks, no personal banks, no mail system. If you want a pure story shooter, I can barely recommend Defiance, but for anyone looking at a MMO, I'd close the Defiance website quickly.