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Open World Madness!!! Meh Campaign...

techfreak101 | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

This is one of those games where the whole fun of it comes from not doing what suppose to do. Attach a officer to the back of your car? Sure! Going guns blazing into a army base? If that's your thing! Make a car with C4 blow up right next to a gas station? That's a rhetorical question! If your looking for a good campaign though, this really doesn't have one. Well it does, but rather then being original. it mocks every other game's campaign which is alright, but meh. Regardless, the fact that you can free roam practically anywhere completely makes up for that completely. 95/100


This game is one of few,

techfreak101 | Oct. 26, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

Every once in a while, there's that game that says "F*** MODERN GAMES". That literally is what that game does. I love how it combines so many different types of games yet it plays fluidly (not to mention all the physX)! 100/100!