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A strong merchant/trade sim

thegmanlee95 | Sept. 28, 2013 | Review of Rise of Venice - PC

This game is a truly immersive experience, and is quite easily the definitive trade sim to date. The audio and visuals are compelling, albeit a bit samey after a while, the former more so than the latter. The gameplay is exactly what is expected- making carefully planned moves in order to manouver yourself into a position of power and carefully taking control of the market- the game does feel rather overcomplicated at times, making you jump through hoop after hoop in order to achieve your goal, yet also makes your actions on the game have a huge amount of variance- I could spend hours trying to get a better deal with another city, and it amount to naught- then the next time I try I'm having money thrown at me merely for moving my finger. However, the game truly does excell at what it's best at- providing the authentic feel of Venice in the renaissance. If you're into mercantile in games or just love the time period, you'll enoy Rise of Venice [this is a single player review only, as I could not play the multiplayer for some reason]