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Stronghold Collections. more like Awesome Collections

thejimmycan | April 14, 2014 | Review of The Stronghold Collection Steam - PC

I played stronghold games as a kid and the HD remakes are exactly that. The graphics are completely up to date and stunning, at least compared to the normal version. From this bundle I truly recommend Stronghold Crusader and Extreme, you'll spend countless hours on it's dozens of missions. The controls are smooth and the game play is (in my opinion) better than the civilization games. It's not turned based so you have to make quick decisions on the spot, which gets harder when you play the extreme. I completely recommend this game to anyone.


Totally play it.

thejimmycan | April 10, 2014 | Review of Nether Chosen - PC

I got this game before the April patch and it was a bad game to play. But now after the patch it is a very great game to play. It has some great graphics and easy to learn controls. This isn't a dayz clone, it improves on that in many ways. First of all it has enemies to fight throughout the game not just sporadically. Secondly, there is a level up system that helps you with the game play, like increased health or better gun aiming. A major difference is the addition of safe-zones where you can trade gun parts you find, buy from the global market and even trade in the body party of fallen enemies for guns and useful tools. But don't think you can stay in the safe zone forever, it would get attacked by nethers once in a while and you would have to evacuate. The map in which the game is played is huge and it is just getting bigger. I would recommend this game to anyone.