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Another great game from EA Canada!

themy94 | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of Fifa 14 NA Origin - PC

Fifa 14 continues to improve the franchise's weaker aspects while innovating some of the core game modes such as Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and Coop Season. *Gameplay -Most noticeable change regarding gameplay must undoubtedly be and Real Ball Physics. With Real Ball Physics, the ball feels much more realistic in regard to the way it spins and curves as well as its trajectory. Players who use manual shooting will have a great time choosing the best angle and power to beat the goalkeeper. -Another stand-out improvement is the Precision Movement. Precision Movement will (according to EA) take into account a broader range of elements in the game to make the players on the pitch move and interact with each other in a more believable fashion. For example: when a winger is rushing down the side, if he stops abruptly or does a fake shot, you will be able to see momentum pulling him toward the direction he was running. New players may not notice this mechanic but returning veterans will be happy to see that the game is taking realism seriously *Game modes -Career mode continues to see improvement in the scouting system as well as more streamlined menu. Clubs. The most noticeable change is the new scouting system. Right at the start of the game, you will be able to hire a number of scouts (depending on your team’s financial capabilities) to search for young talents all over the world. Scout will have their own criteria (set forth by you) in their search for new talents. What’s change is that many of the scouted players’ overall stats are not displayed until they are on your club. Therefore, you have to either go with your gut or rely solely on your scout’s expertise. Another big change is the new menu. Information about calendar, league table, scout network and much more is displayed in a very efficient way. -Ultimate Team This year's Ultimate Team will see deeper chemistry system being implemented as well as better tutorial for new players. You will be able to further customize your players with Chemistry Style such as Sniper (improve shooting and dribbling) Players will also have Loyalty with acts as bonus to chemistry. Players gained from packs will already have Loyalty whereas players bought on the transfer market will have to play 10 games before they can have Loyalty. These new features will have you spent hours trying to come up with the best possible lineup, and that's what makes Ultimate Team so addictive. -Co-op Season Co-op Season is a welcome addition in Fifa 14. Friends can now play cooperatively in 2v2 matches online while trying to gain promotion to the next division. This is what was missing in Fifa 13 and it's a shame that it was left out. Playing coop with a friend, especially if you have voice chat is a ton of fun. However, expect the connectivity to be unstable or even unplayable. *Graphics In current generation, PC continues to take the lead. The game run smoothly and look gorgeous on entry level gaming system (AMD A10-5800k with Radeon 7770). However, it is only a slight improvement over Fifa 13's graphics so don't expect too much *Price Price is another great pro for Fifa 14. The PC version retails for only $40, that’s $20 less than the console versions. If you’re lucky (and smart) enough to pre order through GMG, you will also receive $8 credits which effectively brings the price down to $32. That’s a very small amount considering how many hours you will be playing this game *Why it's not 100? The game will occasionally run into glitches (I have yet to see any personally). Furthermore, there are not a lot of people playing online, at least compared to other platforms. In Ultimate Team, I spent almost 20 minutes before finding an opponent. In Pro Club, there are, at times only 43 people playing. Another letdown is the exclusion of the Ignite Engine in Fifa 14 PC. *Conclusion There are many features that are not discussed in this review such as Teammate Intelligence or Pure Shot. While they are good addition to the game, its effects are quite arbitrary and at time not noticeable. So should you buy it? Without a doubt, yes! There’s no reason not to experience the beautiful game both on the big screen as well as your desktop. Fifa 14 will have you spent countless hour formulating the best lineup for the Champions Cup final, managing your club’s finance in order to pull off the signing of the season or just having plain, simple fun with your friends in Pro Clubs.