Reviews by thericefield


Great Co-op

thericefield | Jan. 28, 2014 | Review of LEGO Complete Pack - PC

All of the games have proven to be a blast playing with my younger sibling, who can't play the mature rated games I would normally play. It's a great way to meet somewhere and find common ground within the game. The humor can be understood by younger and older players, there's enough simplicity for the younger players, but plenty of optional challenges to collect all the collectibles. LEGO Lord of the Rings and Batman 2 were our favorites to play.


Amazing deal, great games

thericefield | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Best of Square Pack - PC

I bought this pack just for Tomb Raider alone. The other two are nice extras to me. If you love story driven games and get attached with the characters Tomb Raider is for you. It's not so much of a puzzler like the previous series, but more action and combat. I gave the pack a 90 due to the awesomeness of the deal but would give the game a 75. The boss battles are a bit weak and puzzles are lacking, and the multiplayer feels out of place. Everything else is pure awesomeness. Female gamers will love this game as well as male gamers. The hero is a girl and the damsel in distress is also a girl, making it very female friendly.