Reviews by thespysapper


Play This Game If You Are Bored

thespysapper | Sept. 22, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

This game is like diablo mixed with DoTA. This game is like an RPG but without the leveling up system. As you progress through the level, you get new equipments which you find around the map and new spells. The pros about this game is that this game is unique and its fun for a while. The game heavily depends on the player's hand speed because in order for one to cast a spell, he has to press certain keys in a certain pattern and press the any of the mouse button. The game offers a fair fight because the newcomer's character and the people who have been playing the game for a while have the same ability. The only cons about this game however is the repetitive enemy and gameplay. only way to keep the game fresh is by buying the DLCs. Overall, i recommend this as a boredom killing game and a co-op (or PvP) game. It is well worth the money.


Fun multiplayer

thespysapper | Aug. 2, 2011 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Requiem - PC

This game has fun multiplayer. However, it lacks the replay value of single player. Multiplayer features adrenaline pumping multiplayer. It made me jump from time to time because the multiplayer game focuses on surprise, stealth and strategy. However, the single player offers very linear gameplay. There are three kinds of singleplayers: aliens, marines, and predators. All three gameplayes gives the player very little degree of freedom. Therefore, I give this game 70 out of 100.


One of the Greatest Indie Game for Local Gameplay

thespysapper | Aug. 2, 2011 | Review of Trine - PC

Trine is an awesome game. It is a 2d side scroller with stunning 3d graphics. This game does not just rely on the players skill, but also it relies on the player's ability to solve problems. There are three classes: Thief, Knight, and Wizard. Each class has distinct ability and the player must overcome the obstacles using these abilities. There is a local co-op. However, the only flaw is that the game does not feature online co-op. Therefore, I give this game 85 out of 100. I recommend this game to anyone who likes single-players and/or local co-op games.


Fun and Simple Game That Can Be Played On Almost Any PC

thespysapper | Aug. 2, 2011 | Review of VVVVVV - PC

This little game is 8bit. But don't let the graphics fool you. This game is one of the most addictive game I have ever played. Even if you are new to the game, the introduction of the game guides you through the basic controls and how to play the game. I would recommend this to anyone of any age. It is worth the money. Therefore, I give this game a good score of 93 out of 100.