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A decent shooter

thewhitewolf | July 15, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein The New Order POST - PC

If you like first person shooters then you definitely should not miss out on this title. Wolfenstein is all about killing modernized nazi soldiers in a world where world war 2 went in favor of the nazis. It has a good story that is going to immerse you in the futuristic nazi ruled world. These days first person shooters are getting really repetitive and its good for a change to see one that isn't or trying to be call of duty.


Fascinating game

thewhitewolf | Sept. 15, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

If you haven't tried this game out yet, what are you waiting for? The story is simply stunning, so is the graphic and the combat. This game basically is a fun open world experience with amazing combat and a great story. And if you ever get tired of the same moves, you can just learn new ones which will make the fighting even more enjoyable. The graphic of the game are great too, and so is the story that will pull you into the world of an undercover cop that seeks justice. You will definitely not regret it if you give this game a try.


Not worth its price, but alright.

thewhitewolf | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Dawnguard - PC

This DLC is exactly what it is, content that adds new stuff to the game, new locations, new quests, weapons, etc. But for its price it is totally not worth it, since we have seen most of this in the original game, Skyrim. Yeah its nice to have a bit of new stuff and a bit more quests, but for 20 $ ? Hell, no. It doesn't feel much different like the earlier oblivion DLC, Shivering Isles, that was just mind blowing,big and it felt like a full game itself. This dlc is fun, but it doesn't provide as much fun as you could have buying another full game for 20 $.


Simply amazing!

thewhitewolf | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

This game will absolutely blow your mind, its combat is great, improved a lot since The Witcher 1. But not just combat, everything else has improved too, the story which is incredible, the graphic, the gameplay, the quests, everything. Exploring Geralt's world has never been so exciting. The places you find, gear and quests are all great. You have a lot of different choices to finish quests, which will sometimes lead you to an entirely new location which you will only see in the current playthrough, you would need to start a new game again to find out other locations , quests, characters etc, so the replay value is high. All in all, you definitely need to play the game yourself to experience its wonders, since words can't describe how fun this RPG is. The only bad thing about it that was a bit annoying is that the import save from Witcher 1 option doesn't really affect much in Witcher 2, but its still an amazing game that you simply have to play.


Medieval fun!

thewhitewolf | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of War of the Roses Digital Deluxe Edition - PC

The game itself is really fun to play in multiplayer mode, unlocking new armor, weapons, gear. Customizing your character and then sending him to battle is a cool way to set up a fair amount of fun. Since the game is still in beta, it has a few bugs, but there is no doubt they will be fixed on the full release. For what it is currently i would still recommend trying it out yourself, definitely a fun game to play!


Fun and unique sandbox game.

thewhitewolf | Aug. 27, 2012 | Review of Saints Row 2 (1) - PC

Spend lots of hours on this game because its just a nice way to sit and relax while driving and shooting people, and also completing lots of crazy missions that will make you smile. Not only the main missions, but the side missions are also fun to do, especially if you bring a friend by playing the cooperative mode. Its definitely worth it to try this crazy game out, you won't be disappointed!


Totally not worth it.

thewhitewolf | Aug. 27, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third Funtime DLC - PC

I personally liked the game itself, Saints Row 3, and i can only tell you to stay away from this, lock it in a box and throw the key away. I mean, some games have mods that include even more then this DLC does, and they are free. Spending 3 $ on this is like supporting the developers to make more overpriced DLCs. I suggest you to keep your money and to spend it on something else which is worth more then this.


An addictive

thewhitewolf | Aug. 27, 2012 | Review of Titan Quest - PC

This is a pretty nice hack and slash game with elements of a strategy game. One of the reasons why this game is addictive is mostly because of its amazingly big open world to choose from. From weapons and armor, quests and monsters to cities and places. Like every other RPG, this game has interesting quests which make it an even better experience.I myself enjoy boss fights which can be easier or harder depending on my gear. Hey ! it even has COOP if your'e not the lone wolf type of guy. Overall this game is worth its price (and since it was on sales there's no reason not to try this game).


A decent game!

thewhitewolf | Aug. 26, 2012 | Review of Tiny Troopers - PC

If you like tiny armed people shooting other tiny people, then this is the game for you. Overall it is a nice game which will help you with relaxing for some time and enjoy a decent strategy shooting game. Worth playing.