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True to it's lore!

thomasfinal | Nov. 4, 2014 | Review of Alien Isolation (1) - PC

The game oozes with atmosphere from the first movie, which was without a doubt the best of all! The anti aliasing seems a little bit glitchy, but besides the visuals are superb. All the sounds are great too. The save system and the random encounters can make it a little hard sometimes, but that just gives the game more personality.


Great comeback!

thomasfinal | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

I wasn't a Tomb Raider fan, in fact I only played 1 maybe 2 of the previous games, and in their time, they were fun, but the reboot is a heavy punch to the stomach with it's great visuals, immersive gameplay. The story itself is nothing grounbreaking, yet the characters bear the whole experience on their shoulders. The platforming is not frustrating, the fights are great, the landscapes are beautiful. Highly recommended!


So far among top3 of the year!

thomasfinal | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

I wasn't surprised how this game turned out to be maybe the biggest gem of the year! One of the best stories ever for a video game. Outstanding HD graphics. The only downfall is the fighting, which is rather repetitive after the first few hours. The skyhook is a great addition to the package, the new dlc adds to the content. If you can only buy 3 games this year, make sure Bioshock Infinite is among them!


Thought provoking, brutal action game.

thomasfinal | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line Overflow - PC

It's very Apocalypse Now-esque with lots of disturbing images, and mostly a bad experience as a human being, but for a gamer, it's a well made shooter, with interesting plot twists.