Reviews by thresher3253


It works fine and do its job

thresher3253 | Oct. 12, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett her Piratess Booty - PC

This DLC does its job like it should: extend the life of Borderlands 2 by adding new areas, new enemies and a decent storyline while not being too much boring and repetitive than other similar additional contents, like the Mad Moxxi DLC for the first game. Plus the new bosses can be farmed for some really powerful and expensive loot and visuals are pretty good in some areas. Also, the new vehicle is very fun to use.


Quite good, while not immediate

thresher3253 | Oct. 12, 2013 | Review of Waveform - PC

Not a must for a puzzle/casual game, but Waveform flows like a charm and is capable to entertain without being too much complicated and difficult, if you're not the type that aim to 100% completition. Graphics are fine, ok-ish at most and soundtrack isn't really catchy as it should. Worth the low price, after all.


The one and only sniping game.

thresher3253 | Sept. 17, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite - PC

Most shooters asks you to snipe an enemy like drinking a glass of water. Just aim the crosshair and shoot. Well, this is not the case, in Sniper Elite you have to keep in mind (almost) everything necessary to get a good shot - wind, gravity, movement, breath, heartbeat and other stuff. While the game is quite mediocre (the pure shooting is rather weak, level design is average and graphics are not that brilliant), this is the only game that makes you feel like a real sniper, along with Sniper Ghost Warrior which is, unfortunally, a shitty game.


Immersive and original game.

thresher3253 | Sept. 17, 2013 | Review of Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 - PC

A totally new vision on WWII, unlike Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honor, Brothers in Arms puts you into a realistic battlefield in which you have to plan your moves to avoid casualties and learn how to get tactical advantages upon your opponent. Great attention has been put into characters development to recreate the feeling of a real squad with different personalities, feelings and situations. I particulary recomend this game not only for the good gameplay, but also because it will make you feel like a real captain and will make you sad if you lose a men in the battle. Very few games can actually achieve that.


Truly a masterpiece.

thresher3253 | Sept. 17, 2013 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Nexway - PC

Don't believe them when they say that New Vegas it's an expansion pack for Fallout 3 - it's much, much better. New Vegas is the REAL Fallout 3 and one of the best RPGs of all time, along with Planescape Torment and Ultima. Tons of quest, secrets and dialogues, lots of choices, good storyline and a much better combat system that is not totally unbalanced like F3. It's difficult to understand why people keep pointing at New Vegas like is just a watered down version of F3 while it's exactly the opposite. They probably played the game for 2-3 hours, otherwise i can't explain that. Just play it and see for yourself.