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Quite the game

timeraider | Oct. 30, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn Digital Collectors Edition Post - PC

Ive played alot of MMORPG's but this is one of my latest favorites. While alot of mmo's lately fully go for the grind and lack any story, this whole mmo relies on its strong story... and strong the story is (its a great storyline ;P) While it is comparable to WoW, but while some people might think thats a bad thing.. its actually a good thing. Its a solid base that holds the great final fantasy storyline. Atm i feel like its: Storyline: 9/10 Gameplayfeel: 7-8/10 (depends on class) Graphics: 8/10 Endgame as of now: 6/10 Now you might think a 6/10 for endgame isnt great, but for me thats only for 1 reason.. the endgame raids are the best raids ever, but i always loved PvP .. luckily! next patch (2.1) they will start adding housing and PvP which will be a great addition.



timeraider | March 5, 2013 | Review of Forge - PC

I know alot of people are irritated by the lack of some features. This game was an rushrelease, mostly because of the dire need of more funding to be able to proceed making this game..i cant imagine how great it will be after some patches incoming VERY soon... Now my review: This really is a game of my alley. Its a light game that holds your attention, but does not force you to play it as much as possible. It is a really nice combination of a fantasy PvP only MMO combined with aim/hit-box mechanics of an FPS. Atm its not in a complete state yet, but that will be hopefully solved by the money gained by the Steam-release (Indiegame developers always have a hard time getting the funding). Till now the progression they have made with the game is absolutely massive and i really believe the devs. put all their effort in making this game great.. The gameplay feels smooth, but also slightly challenging at start. The most basic features are implemented, a lot of features (skins/more optimisation/more maps/more gametypes/more classes/more types of maps with different amount of people allowed) are either in or being implemented. TBH, at other games i would be irritated those things weren't in there yet, but at this game i eagerly await them. Its been a great ride since Alpha/Kickstarter, but i would advise people to ask themselves if they would be able to step off the standard fps/mmo way and play a game like Forge. Watch the trailer, watch some videos and if you are interested i would say.. do not hesitate, step into Forge.. step into war! :D A real fps style arena game, nice fantasy features.. so.. check out some videos and judge yourself. Features like rating and more classes are scheduled for soon. Aside from that we already have organised tournaments (with commentators!), customisation of character and for the casuals you can always do some randoms (either alone using the server browser.. or group up!)