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Worms and lots of it!

timrz | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Worms Revolution and Season Pass - PC

I haven't played Worms in a long time and when it came on sale me and a few friends purchased it and haven't stopped playing since. The campaign is brilliant with commentary from Matt Berry who delivers some great lines. The campaign serves as a tutorial for the new classes weapons and techniques for giving you the advantage against other worms players. The game does feature an in game store which you will gain coins to spend on new classes which does give an incentive to keep playing. But where worms shines is the on-line play. The game features game modes such as Forts, Death match and Classic. Forts is two structures side by side and worms teams trying to breach and defeat the other team. Death match includes all the new features such as classes, new weapons and physics objects. Last is classic mode which is core worms. These game modes offer a lot of great set ups especially as the map generator gives you lots of variation throughout the different scenes. The only gripe I have with the game is that is quite poorly optimised for the PC as it was a console port. I would highly recommend grabbing an xbox/gamepad to play the game with as its much easier to pull of some tricky ninja ropes.