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If you like to rage alot you will like this game

tmang17 | May 22, 2014 | Review of Rush Bros Steam - PC

When i first saw this game i thought it would like a regular plat former. I was wrong. This game is unique and also uses your MP3 music as an integral part of your experience. Each level has its own music which deeply impacts the look and the feel of each level. It has very unique level design and game play which immerses you to a different world. This game made me rage alto in some parts of the game but still gave me a good experience. This game can get frustrating in some points but will always be in the top of my list. Overall i think this game is fairly even it has unique level and map designing and frustrating points in the game (in a good way). I would recommend people who wants fast paced plat former action or people who have mental disorders(just kidding :D)