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Good, But Not Great

tnorwood2888 | Nov. 9, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

If you had the pleasure of playing the first two games in this series, this game is a solid installment that you will enjoy. Don't go in to the game hoping for anything radically different, though. The gameplay is virtually unchanged with a few minor additions. It's nice to see Gotham in all it's glory after seeing it in such a run down state during Arkham City. The combat is again tremendous fun and they have included a nice grading system to tell you how bat-like you are playing. I did find the crime scene investigations a bit too scripted and stiff, much like playing a limited CSI type game. Thankfully those investigations are fairly sparse. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone, but I believe this game would have greatly benefited having Rocksteady's continued involvement. The game holds true to the innovations and style of the prior games, but something feels slightly lacking. Still, a solid game and a good experience. Buy It. Play It. Enjoy It.