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Mediocre game with poor controls

tomatoketchup | April 29, 2013 | Review of Binary Domain Complete Pack - PC

Pros: price, the entire package with coupon + trade in was $5.00 Cons: Moving the character around feels like driving the mako in me1. The port from console to PC was poorly done. Very limited weapons, each NPC has a specialized weapon, while you get to upgrade their weapons you don't get to use it. You have 4 weapon slots, your main weapon and sidearm can't be dropped or swapped, a 3rd slot is for grenades. So at any given time you can only carry 1 specialty weapon, which you lose when you progress to the next stage. Overdramatic camera shaking with every explosion does not add to the environment, it makes game play annoying. The game is made out to be more of a movie than a fps. Numerous cut scenes are sprinkled through out the game and really cuts into the flow of game play. Bottomline: Would I spend $5 to buy the entire binary domain package again? no.