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Lot of potential wasted.

tommyrotten | Feb. 20, 2013 | Review of Omerta City of Gangsters - PC

The other reviews tell pretty much everything you need to know about the flaws of the game. I haven't played the new versions of XCOM or Jagged Alliance yet, but from what I've seen the turn-based combat is very similar. I really like it and after about 10 missions I still find it enjoyable. There are still a lot of stuff the developers should've worked on, though, and here's some of my biggest concerns: 1. the same combat environments seem to repeat really often. It gets a tad boring to play the same warehouse scheme four or five times. 2. The weapon mechanics suck: molotov and grenade (especially the latter one) could've been designed in a lot better way. Now you just throw them into a desired spot, they never miss that spot, and the grenade takes ages to explode. Oh, and other stupid thing is that it doesn't matter whether the grenade explodes outdoors or indoors - it always has the same circular damage field which even passes through solid walls. Well, I guess it's only a minor problem but it makes the gameplay unrealistic for that part. 3. Every mission seems to follow the same path: Gather money, rent buildings, establish random businesses, gather more money, bribe police when needed, gather more money etc. Eventually you will start making more money than you need and at this point the mission is usually over. It seems that all you did was for nothing. I like the concept of how different businesses increase certain other businesses' efficiency, but sadly it doesn't really matter at all what you do because eventually you will start making enough money anyway. Don't get me wrong - all in all there is a lot of things I DO like about the game (soundtrack, the 1920's atmosphere, graphics...) but because of some major flaws and (mostly) the repetition I usually find myself playing only a single mission in one sitting and taking a long break from the game before starting a new one.