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A brilliant gem of a game

toneo | Aug. 10, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

If you love strategy games, you'll love this one. It's very in-depth, but still pretty easy to pick up if you're new to Civ. I've personally started playing at 9PM and accidentally ended up playing until 4AM. Civ 5 is a massive timehog, even on the quickest game speed, and you'll find yourself addicted after your first 5 minutes of playing. The depth is pretty nice. There are five different victory conditions, each of which requires a level of strategy. You could win culturally, by adopting 5 different policy trees and building the Utopia project. You could win technologically, by researching and building spaceship parts. You could win diplomatically, by researching and building the United Nations - don't forget to build relations with the other civs first! Finally, you can win by steamrolling the other civs with your military machine. It's pretty unwise to dedicate yourself entirely to achieve a victory - some tactical sacrifices need to be made to defend against your enemies, or to sabotage their efforts. This game is fantastic in multiplayer - I would strongly recommend grabbing 2 or more friends. There are some great customisation options for multiplayer games which adds variety - you can play on Earth, for example, and each of you will start out in a random country! The terrain has some great features; Some tiles give defensive bonuses for units and cities, some are better at generating food, production, gold, etc. You could place your city on a hill to make it more defensible, or you could put it next to mountains to limit attack paths, or you could put it next to a river so you can build a water mill and increase food production, or you could put it on the coast so it can build ships, the list goes on, and on, and on. Only by playing the hell out of this game will you get a sense of its depth. I love this game. As for what needs polishing - occasionally the camera can be irritating, deciding to switch to the first unit that needs moving instead of letting you move the one you've pre-selected. The AI is pretty goofy sometimes too, refusing to surrender even when its last city is crumbling. It barely detracts from the game though!