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What I've been waiting for.

tonydufa | July 26, 2015 | Review of Wolfenstein The Old Blood - PC

Wow... finally a FPS in the 2010's that doesn't revolve around cover, and regenerating health. The game has very little in the way of cut scenes and scripted events. I absolutely love it, it reminds me more of the way games used to be made. I especially liked the fact that during fights you can usually run around or find multiple areas to fight from to take out what seems to be an unusually high level of enemies. I've only made it to level 5 so far, but absolutely love the game. I keep wanting to come back for more. Machine games definitely has some talent, and I hope they continue to put out more games in the future. I enjoyed this more then the New Order. Easily worth $20, if it's on-sale get if for sure.


Good game if you're into old school

tonydufa | Sept. 1, 2014 | Review of Rise of the Triad GAME - PC

If you're a child of the 80's 90's and played Quake/Doom you'll like this game. There's no hand holding, and you'll have to explore yourself. Enemies are stupid and numerous, there's no cover system and you have to find health pickups. Which is a refreshing change from what we've seen for years. Only downside IMO to this game is as others have said, performance. The graphics are average at best, but the game has numerous slowdowns that seem to max out my CPU more then anything else. Pick it up when it's on sale for sure.


Excellent Remake

tonydufa | July 28, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA Overflow 1 - PC

I've played the original X-COM and while this isn't it.... it comes very close to recreating the feel of the original - while keeping what's great and trying to get rid of what isn't. XCOM has done an excellent job of speeding up game play (no inventory, unable to switch weapons, hints where the last aliens are located, etc..) while still retaining the tactical/ tension of the original. I believe this was done to appeals to today's gamers, and while I was skeptical at first, I've come to love the formula (I do wish it still had a solider inventory though.) Research and exploration are still critical parts of the game and you'll have no problem wasting hours trying to find the best combination of weapons, skills and tech to each alien species and mission type. While you *can* play the game on easy, (and probably should if you've never played a similar game before) XCOM is absolutely unforgiving on higher difficulty levels. If you're looking for a real challenge where mistakes aren't going to be forgiven - you've found it. XCOM is based on Unreal Engine 3 tech (it's kinda old now) it looks beautiful and runs very well on older hardware. Highly recommend.