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A Solid First-Person Stealth Game That's Worth Experiencing

toyminator | Aug. 31, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

You like stealth games? Buy this. There's not a ton of options on the shooting side of things, so you probably won't enjoy this if you're looking for a story-driven FPS. While the weapon variety is somewhat limited, this game offers various upgrades for both your physical and supernatural abilities. Throughout each mission, you’ll come across items called “runes” and “bone charms,” allowing you to jump higher, move faster, see through walls, teleport, etc. What I really like about Dishonored is that your play-style may change drastically as you gain new abilities. This change in gameplay is largely dependent on you, the player, rather than the game. So if you play this game and approach every situation in the same manner, you’re gonna have a bad time (probably). There are many options in traversing the environment and in eliminating, or completely avoiding, your enemies. This is where a lot of the game’s replay value comes from, but it’s also the one thing most critics complain about. It only took me 13 hours to complete the main game and 4 hours for the Knife of Dunwall DLC, both played on “hard” difficulty. I enjoyed every minute of it, so I have no complaints regarding the game’s length. What I didn’t like about this game is that the enemy’s field of view is extremely limited, making the “hard mode” fairly easy. As opposed to a game like Splinter Cell, in Dishonored, you will go unnoticed if you hide somewhere that’s only slightly higher than the direction an enemy is facing, regardless of lighting. For example, if you’re on top of the stairs and a light is turned on right above you, an enemy walking up the stairs won’t notice you until he’s half way up the stairs, even though he was looking in your general direction the entire time. Even in broad daylight, they won’t see you when you’re at or above jump-distance unless you have completely alerted them (and they’re shooting you). Being a stealth game, it makes sense that the enemy’s field of view is limited to some degree, but I found these situations to occur way too many times, taking away the immersion of an otherwise great game. Oh, and the textures and overall graphics aren’t particularly impressive. It didn’t bother me one bit, but some people get butt-hurt over this kind of stuff. TL;DR Dishonored is a solid first-person stealth/adventure game. While it's a bit easy difficulty-wise, the game is worth experiencing. Buy it.


Single-player review

toyminator | Aug. 31, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

This game has great gunplay, solid cover mechanics, and a pretty interesting storyline. "Hard" difficulty is somewhat challenging but very fair in the sense that dying is a consequence of your actions rather than a broken gameplay mechanic or situation. The in-game graphics are some of the best I've seen, largely due to the amount of detail that the developers put into the characters and environments. There's also a wide range of colors that's really refreshing to see after playing through the dull environments of Max Payne 1 and, to a lesser extent, Max Payne 2. Nitpicks: I found the "pop-in, pop-out" text and "frame-overlays" that happen throughout the in-game cinematics to be a bit distracting. I liked the comic book panel effects but, while I understand that the developers were going for a unique visual style, it would have been nice if there was an option to turn off (or minimize) the effects. Also, it was slightly disappointing to see how much the story of Max Payne 3 strayed away from the stories of MP1 and MP2. Then again, MP3 does a great job at further developing Max’s character and there are several scenes in it that wouldn’t have had the same impact to a player who has not played through the first two games. TL;DR Buy this if you like to shoot things and like a good story. Or not.