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Enjoyable MMO world, a little different.

trashmyego | Feb. 28, 2014 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn Post - PC

First off, before diving into the genre tropes - this is a world worth exploring and seeing. The overall art design alone is worth a month spent playing. It isn't really forging new ground for gameplay or expectations at end-game content, but that's not really a bad thing for FF XIV, it's not clone at the same time. Everything is extremely approachable, but also different from the other games on the market. The content available is expansive and varied and all of it can be experienced on a single character. Dungeon design is tight and focused, with some truly entertaining boss encounters throughout the levels. Upon reaching the 'end-game,' there's plenty to do and the raid content is varied enough, but to a degree lacking. What there is, I've loved. The content design on the fights is breathtaking at times and with time, this game will likely blossom into something truly beautiful. Sadly there are limitations with the cross class system, flexibility being the main one. Over time you can easily gear and prepare numerous roles, but you're limited on their use because of lockouts in the main endgame content. And along with that, crafting feels like an afterthought in the end, though I'm sure it'll receive attention in future patches/expansions. The jack-of-all-trades character philosophy can also burn you out quite fast upon diving into the endgame content, there aren't any real penalties or bonuses gained from leveling each class/job up, and the traditional role structure of modern MMO's will likely pigeon hole you into only using a single Job. Overall though, there is a lot to like or even love. The community feels like one of the more mature you'll find online these days and the future feels bright, although taking a break might be required while waiting for it to arrive.