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story telling at its finest

travelbug | Dec. 28, 2013 | Review of To The Moon - PC

i love rpg's, action adventure games, and strategy games, but ive never played a game with a better story, period. the simple graphics, audio, simple gameplay controls and even the length of the 'game' all adds to this experience. make no mistake, i like a lot action and killing and violence. but this was such a refreshing change of pace, it brings you back to what is important in life. the story telling is so good that id dare say it will compete with the best movies and books out there. all in all, a masterful achievement in 'game' design.


must buy when on sale

travelbug | Dec. 28, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

this is the only game out there that lets you control legions (pun intended) of troops in glorious hand to hand combat. graphically, its one of the best looking games out there. tactically, it has no competition. the game ai however, is no Caesar (just like most game ai's) and because of the battlefield setup, the (battlefield)ai can hardly cheat as it does in other games, thus its shortcomings are exposed. for a better challenge, pit your skills in multiplayer battles. the campaign is robust but imho, the total war series has always been about the battles. personally id be happier playing dozens of skirmish/multiplayer battles than wade into the grand campaign. however for some, the grand campaign gives meaning to what you are fighting for and becomes a great 'role play' experience. the campaign has seen many changes, many of which were geared towards handling a bigger empire (in the mid to late game) more efficiently. a lot of people complain about these changes, but for me they make the game more streamlined in the end. a lot campaign glitches and bugs have also been squashed after 8 patches. the game is quite stable in its present state. most of the remaining issues are ai related which the developer will address in the next patch. however, it will be hard to make an ai that can actually challenge a good player in open battlefield. if you truly want to see rome 2 battles in all its glory, you need to play multiplayer.


the closest thing to real warfare

travelbug | Dec. 27, 2013 | Review of Wargame Airland Battle - PC

the least 'gamey' rts/rtt ive ever played. more than 800 units that do not follow your usual rock, paper, scissors formula. there are no real 'cheese' or insta-win strategies in this game. just like irl, a balanced, fluid, well executed strategy is best, rather than cookie cutter decks or tactics. if you really want to test your tactical mettle, this is the game you need to get.