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Incredibly fun, but not as great Oblivion

trilleon | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition Bethesda - PC

I loved Oblivion. Its story was good, the aesthetic was great, and the quests were beyond belief. Did Skyrim improve upon this? Yes and no. The overall quality of TES V is definitely an improvement. Being made several years after Oblivion, this title shows significant leaps graphically. Furthermore, the engine, voice acting, and world design are very fleshed out. The only problem is that the quests and dungeons are not up to spec at all in comparison to Oblivion. Too often do you have to venture through a spider-infested cave. The story is obviously lacking. Does this ruin the game? Certainly not. It just means that if you liked the fourth Elder Scrolls game for its story and quests, you might want to shy away. Skyrim is a great game and tons of fun. It supplies good action gameplay and a solid fantasy setting.


Wonderful storytelling mixed with fun gameplay

trilleon | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of Bastion - PC

Bastion is a game about a character known as "The Kid". You wake up to the sound of an old man's voice, narrating everything you do. This concept continues throughout the entire game, but it never gets old. The gameplay is an overhead style RPG beat-em-up with many monsters and foes to defeat. The story revolves around the Bastion, a safe place for people after the "Calamity". As you work to improve the Bastion, you gain new weapons and level up. The story and the way it is told cannot be beat.