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Loads of content that lacks the some of the soul of the first

true_wizzle | Jan. 17, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

Batman Arkham City is a huge game. Multiple super villains and side quest are tucked in to every corner of an expansive city that's genuinely fun to move around due to the well designed gliding mechanic. But it's massive scope is also it's greatest weakness as most of the villains are not fleshed out and the side quest rarely lead to anything interesting. Compared to the first game, Arkham City is very hit or miss. Although given how great the first game, it would be more fair to say that Arkham City is hit or near miss. Every new move you get is useful against one enemy type. Almost every side quest has a lack luster playoff of a cameo from a B-list Batman character. Even the best boss fight is against Mr. Freeze is undermined by the fact that it happens for no story reason what so ever.All the other boss fights just require you to quick fire a particular gadget a few times then bet down on while their stunned, normally after clearing out some goons. There are some additions that work out well. The previously mentioned gliding makes getting around the map easy and fun. The few new gadgets that are added are unique and the returning ones are all given new functionality. And the Riddler trophies are now hidden behind mini puzzles and unlock nice little challenge rooms. Other then the smaller more focused environment, Arkham City retains everything Arkham Asylum had. The combat is still fun and responsive. The stealth is still fast paced and tense. The story and voice acting are still top notch. Arkham City is a good game built on the frame work of a great game. However, it stretches itself a little too thin and as a result loses the tight pacing and soul Arkham Asylum.