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Wasted potential

tuecer | July 8, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - PC

I remember hearing about this game and thinking "awesome, can't wait" since I lamented the move away from "classic" RE to what the series is now, which while not terrible, isn't the same. Sadly this game squanders the potential it had with clunky controls, terribly AI, and repetitive missions. I understand that this game is meant to be played with people, but what if you don't have 3 others to play with? You're stuck with an AI squad member that doesn't even know enough to take cover and just aimlessly follows you around. The enemy AI isn't much better in most cases. The missions more or less are "find this and bring it here" affairs which have alternating sections of gun enemies and then infected. The infected combat is actually not bad, but the gun toting guys just feel so alien to RE, like they were plucked out of CoD and dropped into Raccoon City like Mr. X. Overall, its a decent play, but more for a die hard RE fan than the average gamer. Wait for a sale, if you get it at all.