Reviews by tumador


Grand strategy

tumador | June 13, 2013 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

If your a fan of the series you probably know what to expect, if not i think its a great place to jump in. This and rome total war are personal favourites. If your unfamiliar with the typical total war "grand strategy" it can be a little daunting and the game doesn't do an amazing job of helping the player acclimate. Stick with it though and you start to appreciate the complexity of its mechanics, due to its slower pace every move matters and there is always a multitude of factors to take into account (facing, fatigue, general placement, formation etc...) Thee appeal comes from how apparent the strategy is, even to a new player. You aren't required to learn crazy build orders or click 1000 times a minute to get to and appreciate the act of outsmarting an opponent. Graphics wise the game is beautiful (if your pc can handle it). The game is a bit of a hybrid between civilization and more traditional RTS, so if your a fan of civ (alongside the obvious RTS) i would give it a try.


Fluid platforming

tumador | June 13, 2013 | Review of Dustforce - PC

Dustforce is pretty special, it stands out among a plethora of recent 2d indie platformers. The game has a cool, melancholic calmness about it, brought about mainly by its amazing soundtrack. The game requires a bit of learning, levels can seem impossible at first but over time you learn simple tricks to improve time and completion, all of this has a pay off in the form of flow (its all about flow), this game has the potential to be super graceful/zen like (this is probably the only reason i prefer it to say.. super meatboy). The ability to run on any surface makes for interesting level design, more so than simply jumping from platform to platform. I only wish the devs made more official levels (though there's tons of user created stuff). If your a bit of a perfectionist you'll get the most out if it (im not but this game made me want to S rank everything). If your at all a fan of 2d platformers its a must play.