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Magnificent game

tuptus9 | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of Psychonauts - PC

I bought Psychonauts after I was amazed by storyline and everything of Brutal Legend, another game by Double Fine. And even though I wasn't so enthusiastic at the beginning, I can tell that it's probably the second best game I played this year (well, I mostly play older games, nevermind), after aforementioned Brutal Legend. The story is just fantastic, there are tons of collectibles (which I really like in every game) and intelligent humor. Even graphics is quite good as for game released in 2005, but it's the least important thing. Oh, and I forgot to mention the voices are just epic (Sheegor voice is masterpiece). Game is almost perfect, then why not 100? Well, the controls are definetely not perfect, I used mouse and keyboard, but still it was sometimes hard to move between menus. I also had some problems with camera, especially in narrower places, like small rooms or caves. Everything else is perfect. Except the fact that after 8 years there's still no Psychonauts 2. I still hope that cash I spent on this game will one day make my dream of Psychonauts 2 come true.