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All comparisons aside, a great game.

tvmartin79 | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Two Worlds II - PC

I didn't play the first game, but this one was a nice surprise. The open-world nature of of this RPG is similar to the Elder Scrolls series. The main quest line is compelling and I didn't lose interest from start to finish. It is a little short compared to other RPG's I've played though. The side quests seemed a little repetitive and uninspired. Although I didn't try all of them, each of the classes seemed well balanced and competitive. Crafting was great - straightforward and helped speed up and complement gameplay. The magic system is one of the most innovative and unique ive ever seen in an RPG. However, the downside to this is that the learning curve seemed way too high. Even after after studying the details for a few hours offline, I still felt confused often. This may be a plus or minus, depending on how much time invested in using it. I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes open ended RPG's. If you can enjoy it on it's own merits and get past the fact that some aspects aren't perfect, you may really enjoy it.