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4X Fun but where's the End Game?

twinnuke | Sept. 14, 2012 | Review of Endless Space Admiral Edition - PC

Let me start off that with all the patches, mods and expansions to come this game will get increasingly better as time goes along. Unfortunately at launch the End Game was rather lack luster and more of an attack this planet as you fend off this amount of ships. Unless you were really playing against hard opponents things didn't really get heated. [Graphics] Let's start off with the U.I. - It was wonderful, most of the time it worked perfectly and was easy to read and nice to look at. The planets have nice color palates and texture fidelity. While the ships in Map Overview mode aren't anything to gawk at.. Combat mode is surprisingly pretty. The atmosphere with the ships warping in and the models are all stunning even if they don't do much in the way of maneuvering. [Gameplay] Everything to expect from your average 4X but insanely polished up until things start to slow down at the end. I don't mean slow down in the frame rate / turn times but slow down as in I have to fight 75 battles this turn at this one planet because this army decided to move their entire fleet in at once. The Tech tree on slow gameplay can take a pretty long time to get through, but anything faster and you'll be at max with everyone spamming ships before you know it. Which really takes a drag on the game as everyone essentially becomes the same even though they have different traits. Navigating the U.I. is really easy and makes the game flow nicely and is rather uncomplicated. There are a few things you have to learn before you can really get into the game and what techs are absolutely needed but other than that you can jump right in. [Sound] The sounds in this game are pretty standard, they don't vary between races and the music score while nice is nothing to shake money at. [Issues] Other than the occasional turn end stuck bug which can be fixed by the last player to press his turn leaving the game or the can't select planet until turn end bug it was pretty well debugged.